Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Tiger - By Juliana

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It was in India and there was a jungle. There were two tigers and they lived happily because they got to hunt and run and chase different animals for food and games.

The very bad thing!

One day the villagers came and destroyed  their habitat and so they didn't have anywhere to live but they found a little cave. Tiger 1 found the pound first and then after 5 minutes tiger 2 fund the pond tiger 2 was upset because he had to be with another tiger because they we forced to be together.  

The big fight

When the tigers started talking and fighting they heard a sound  the sound was a chainsaw and thing falling down because of the humans and suddenly they saw that their habitat was destroyed.


The human felt really bad because they had destroyed their habitat so the built in wall that one side the humans can do whatever they want and on the other side the animals we let free.

(one year later.)
The tigers had missed being with each other so they got back together tiger one was a male and tiger 2 was a female and they had babies.

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