Friday, 27 June 2014

Cooking up a storm

Here are some pictures of Thomas and Elijah with Mr Marsh cooking up a storm for their Break Through. They have three different meals from their menu that will be taste tested from some teachers at lunch time.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Disney Land Description

Disney land

I see fantastic fast furious rides zoom around the track at light speed. I see people eating chips, burgers and cheero's watching a starwar show. They invite kids to battle Darth Vader and Darth Vader loses every battle. When they invite the last kid up he dies until the next show. 

On the Nemo ride I see lots colourful fish they look as colorful as a rainbow. I see Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Daisy Goofy and how could anyone forget Pluto. Mickey mouse looks cool.

I smelt a scent of sweet sugary silky cheeros. They smell as good as a donuts with sprinkles. I smell water that smelt like the ocean. I smelt oil from the rides as they slip past so silently.

I touch the water it feels soft like sand silky like spider silk.I felt the ride carts. They felt comfortable with their leather chair feel great. Mickey mouse feels soft like a teddy bear.

I hear roller coasters brushing past my ear whoosh whoosh whoa. The people screaming in delight of the roller coaster.

I feel sick as I go round a loopty loop on a fantastic and fast roller coaster.

By Ashton


Dark grey walls with chipped paint and cracks with moss inside of it. A bunk that looked as hard as a hard floor. Small puddles everywhere. The smell was watery and creepy. I felt scared and cold. There was mouldy bread and old water.

The ground was hard and soggy from the dew. The vines hang from the wall made scary shadows on the floor. There was bones from people that had died here long ago. I tasted the water it had dirt in it. The bread was revolting.

I can hear the bunk creaking like it is going to break as I sit down. The doors creak as it slowly broke. The creepy noise was haunting. It would probably hang around me for the rest of my life.

I wanted to get out. I didn't want to die in here. It was creepy and scary.  The bars of the window and the door were  rusted and cracked. On the wall there were messages that said "you shall not see daylight again" and there was another one that said "help".

I felt hungry and scared I wanted to get out!  The moss smelt gross. I didn't like this place one bit - let me out!!!

By William

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Learner Led Conferences

Brodie Description

I can see sweaty men playing cricket in the hot sun. I saw someone bowl the ball I thought he would get him out but instead the guy batting hit a six he nearly got caught by the fielder, the guy in the crowd caught it.

I can smell sweaty mean and hot chips. The hot chips smell nice, the sweaty men don't smell nice. I could smell hot dogs too as soon as I smelt them I went straight to get one they were really tasty.

I can feel hard chairs warm hot dogs salty chips. I can feel the sun on my neck I can feel the determination in the players head.

I can hear yelling and screaming annoying whistles and loud sirens. I can hear the ball getting hit by the batter I can hear the ball bouncing after he hit it.

I felt determined for my team to win.

By Brodie

The Celler

The prisoner was chucked into a cold damp cellar.The cracked stone walls leaked a brown liquid that fell onto the damp floor. The cracked steel bars moaned in the wind. The window cracked like foot steps. The slimy floor was as cold as ice but felt as hot as fire water leaked from the roof onto the crumbling cold cage.

He could see rats the size of his toes trembling to find nashes of food. The scared prisoners all cramped inside a cellar.The door creaked liked a yelping puppy being attacked. As I gripped the iron bars they were as cold as ice. But in the inside they were as cold as fire blazing.

Torch lamps shone through the hall like dragons fire blazing down the hall was dark and narrow like a maze it also was damp and scary. The bars were locked me in by a steel chain as the wind came through the hall the chain brushed over the bars making a clinging sound. The smoke from the chiefs kitchen polluted the area it made it hard to breath.

I could smell a burning from the wax candles the chief came down and served us burnt pastry that smelt like smoke my window band open like the sound of lions roaring against the enemy. The bell rang to mark bedtime our bed was the floor with straw for a pillow it was damp and freezing cold.

By Freddie

Monday, 23 June 2014


Rainbows End

The screaming of kids running everywhere.
Rides big and exciting that can carry lots
of people. People of all ages running like rugby players to get to the front of the line. I see people dressed as characters from popular movies and cartoons. Laughing loudly as they get tipped upside down on the roller coaster.

I could smell the cookies and cream from near ice creams being licked by kids and their parents. The hot chip smell floated up my nose and made me hungry.  Stinky smelly smoke filled my lungs from the motors that run the thrilling rides.

The poles that hold the people waiting and the rides feel like they are about to peel off and it feels like it is just an old piece of paint. The seats feel like a hard rock that has been washed against the shore many times to make them smooth and soft.

I could hear lots of people shouting on the rides and it was loud because people were having an awesome time. People shouting to try and find their kids. It was full like a football game with people shouting loud like a big bomb going off.

It feels like the people are about to fall off the  tracks. People feel scared and nervous because the rides go into a loop and see never ending.

By Lanesa

On Top Of A Mountain

I could see the snow falling on top of the mountain. The ground was all white… The rocky walls looked like there were about to fall down any minute.  The snow was running everywhere, going crazy.

I could smell the ice, it smelt like freezing water. The dust climbed up my nose making me sneeze every second. There was a smell that smelt like freezing air. The rocks smelt like very fresh puke. It was really gross.
The snowflakes glistened gently gliding onto my hand, it felt like I had icicles on my palm. The thick snow was covering my feet and it made my boots turn to ice.  I tripped and all the snow jumped over me. I felt the hail fall on me, I could hear the hailstones touch the ground.

I  could hear the wind blowing on the mountain. The rocks rolling everywhere were making a big noise. I heard the clouds making lightning that sounded like a big lion roaring really loudly. The clouds bashing and crashing into each other sounded like a massive giant stomping angrily.

I felt cold and wet. The snow that was already up to my knees made me feel mad. I was coughing and sneezing every second, and my throat felt really sore. I felt like there was a frog in my throat.  The hail dropping on my body felt like huge rocks falling on me.

By Bar

Friday, 20 June 2014

The Pirate ship

KABOOM! The thunder and lightning was crashing, skimming the humungous ship. The boat was as dirty as muddy feet. The sails blowing in the brisk breeze. Dead bodies lay, very still.

It smelt of old rum, as old as your great, great, great Grandad. Even the dirt can't overtake it. It stank.

The rain was as soft as a teddy bear. The wind, blowing, as cold as Antarctica.When you step on deck it seems you're about to fall in.

The wind was howling like a werewolf at the end of a full moon. Waves crashing against the ship.

It's SCARY. Frightening. You would flinch if you were there.

By Nadav

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Eden Park - By Luca

Eden park

It was a cold night in Auckland city and lots of cars, big, small, blue and red. People sprinting to the gates yanking their tickets out of their pockets showing the men that take your tickets.

Running to the food stands to get some hot fries and cold coca cola then go running up the steps and trying to find their seats before kick off. The game has stated. Then I smell all the food being opened, the fries and coca cola smell being unleashed

My ears are blocked by sound of all the cheering and the referee blowing his whistle. My heart is beating really fast with excitement just like cheetah about to pounce on his prey.  
The seats are as hard as rocks and the players are sweating so much you could see it from the highest seats in the stadium.

I felt happy it was full time because the All blacks won and as sleepy as a sloth because by the time we get home it was after 11pm.

By Luca V

Published Description

Eden Park
People are cheering loudly. They are excited and want to know what team is going to win. It is soon going to be half time. People cheer as the All Blacks score a try. It is half time now. The All Blacks are winning.

Half time is over the players are tired from all the running they did. I smell the chips which a person dropped next to me. I can also smell the hotdogs. The players are sweating and I smell their sweat.

When I touched the grass it felt wet and smooth. The chips that I am eating as I watch the game feel bumpy. The ground has very small bumps on it. The players on the field look very sweaty.        

People cheer as the game finishes. The All Blacks win. I hear people crunching on their chips. The people in the stadium are cheering even louder than they were before, I feel tired because I have been sitting down eighty minutes. The blustery wind is blowing on me. I feel happy because the All Blacks won. I enjoyed watching the All Blacks play.

By Thomas

The Dungeon

The Dungeon

In a dark island full of secrets I fell into a dungeon! I can see damp walls. Moss everywhere. I see vampire bats waiting for another victim for their meal of blood. I see graffiti, skeletons heads and rusted metal I am scared.

I smell fresh Blood, rusted metal and old water.  You smell a strong vivid smell from the messages from the death! I am shocked scared from the horror. I feel like a trapped animal about to be cut for food. I hope this is a dream I want to wake up now.

I feel moss and blood stains as I lean on the walls. I get tired slowly but I want to stay awake interested in where I will go. I feel rusted metal as I reach for a lever it opened a secret door and had a sign that said !PLACE OF NO RETURN!  

I don't want to die in this undeniable creepiness. I hear wings flapping from vampire bats. Echoes in the darkness. Bones falling from the roof and fish jumping up above water that is 1 meter deep.

I feel that I am and alone someone or something is watching me and I don't like it. I need to get out of here. I am lost! Lost like a cat in a blizzard that is alone. But I am not alone...... I feel if I fall asleep I will never wake up because the bats will suck up all my blood until there is no more!

By Rohan

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Asian Fan Dance by Georgia

Today we were performing the Asian Fan Dance because  it was the opening of Hub 4. Performing in front of the school  for the first  time was scary. Sophie's mum is our teacher. She is nice and patient and she takes her time to teach us. We had to practise twisting our wrists and hands around in a circle. I am looking forward to performing again.

Amazing and Fantastic by Kaea

Today we had an assembly to celebrate the official opening for Hub 4. When it was time to go to assembly my hub went, but not me, because I had to get changed for kapa haka. I was performing at assembly. We had to perform because it was a celebration for hub 4. When it was time for the  kapa haka group to perform we our performance was awesome and great. Next it was the Pasifika group and they were amazing and fantastic. Then Simon O'Connor cut the ribbon to officially open Hub 4. After the Somerville Special School kapa haka group performed a poi song. One of them did an amazing samoan dance. Next the whole school sang We are Family. It was an amazing  


Monday, 16 June 2014

An awesome performance by William

It was the first performance in front of a very big audience for the Pacifika group's haka today.  We were celebrating the opening of the Hub 4 and welcoming the new Sommerville Special School kids. The group were wearing lava lava and frangipani in their hair, a kahoa around their neck with lipstick on the side of their face.

Simon O'Connor cut the ribbon. In the the Pacifika group haka were Amanaki, Harrison, Kaea, Silas, Javan, Caleb and San diego. it was a amazing performance by the Pacifika group.

My first performance by Amanaki

Today our Pacifika Group sang the National Anthem of Samoa because it was the opening of Hub 4.This was my first performance in front of the audience. I was a little bit shy but my mum was watching me so I was brave. 

We are wearing lavalava and the girls had frangipani in their hair. We were all wearing. Our colour was blue and white and green, the girls colours for the Kohoa was only red. Some of the boys was wearing white t-shirts and I was wearing a  singlet. 

All our practise was hard work but our performance was awesome.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Creating Collage

Applying our understandings by being creative.

Learners creating collage images with a message. 
Learners exploring different textures for their collage.