Tuesday, 20 May 2014

NZ Sign Language

This morning we were so fortunate to have Natasha from DEAF New Zealand run two lessons on New Zealand Sign Language. This was a great practical lesson on communicating simple everyday words and phrases in sign. Ask us to do our name if you see us! Hub 8

Monday, 19 May 2014

Auckland Art Gallery

Today Hub 8 learners are heading off to the Auckland Art Gallery to look at the artists and their work as well as to learn how to interpret art. This will help us in our concept learning of: How words and images influence change.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Guest Speaker - Will Harrison

Hub 8 & 9 were so fortunate on Wednesday 14th May to have Will Harrison come along and share his stories around his childhood and also him now as an adult. He was the first Maori Open Heart Surgeon in New Zealand and has been successful in his life. It was a fascinating talk that we all really enjoyed. Thank you for your time, we greatly appreciated it.

Many thanks Hub 8 Learners and Teachers.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Orienteering at Pt England Reserve

Wednesday 14th May some of the learners from Hub 8 and 9 set off to Pt England Reserve to take part in some orienteering. We had such a great time there when following the maps to the controls and trying our best to get a good time. There was some very fast competitors. We all had a great time and the race went very fast. Therefore we headed back to school early and ensured our wet clothes got dry as it poured down just before we left. Thanks to all the parents who were able to help with transport.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My holidays


My exciting holidays

I came to New Zealand , Auckland on the 10th of April at 10:00 o'clock in the morning. My aunt met me in the Airport. Then, we drove to our house. After that, I ate my breakfast. My cousin met me and was very happy. Seven days ago, I came to my cat Motis. He was so happy! 
Then on Saturday, my cousin Dasha and I came to KellyTarltons. It was very exciting! We saw a Moray Eel, some clown fish, sharks and more! At Kelly Tarltons we met my aunt's friend. Her name is Olga. 

She invited us to her house in the evening. We were really happy and cheerful. After that, in the evening we came to her house. It was very big.We played with her children. She has got 3 children-one girl and two boys. Olga has got a pool.But we didn't swim there. She has a big balcony.After that, we came home and went to bed.
By Sophie

Painting my room

On a sunny Saturday me and my family went to a huge shop GB. It was going to be my birthday soon and we were going to paint my room into a warm coulur. When we arrived we saw beautiful borders and millions of paint coulurs. We already had the material that my curtains would be made of.

First we decided on the border that didn't take long because ther was only two borders to choose from. Next we choose the paint coulur. The coulurs were kumara and evans bay.The kumara colour was light like a yellow peach and the evans bay colour was a tiny bit darker just like the sunset orange.

When we bought everything we needed (which included the rollers the paint and the border ) we went home  to have lunch.

After lunch we put all the painting tools in my bedroom and we went for a long long walk. During the walk me and my dad took photos of the city. We also meet a potographer.

By the time we got back from the walk, it was around 7:00 so we put Nikolai to sleep and went to start painting my room.  

By Natasha

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Immersion Week 1 & 2

This term our concept is around 'How words and images influence change'. Historically there have been huge shifts in peoples mindsets and beliefs because of the way in which words and or images has provoked change in thinking, actions and thoughts. We have started our journey by immersing ourselves into the various art forms to build knowledge and make connections. Over the course of our journey we will be visiting the Auckland Art Gallery and continuing our understanding around this concept. We look forward to sharing more of our learning as it unfolds.

Rainbows End

On the first of may I went to rainbows ends . I went with all of my family but not my dad because he had work. When we went there it was a big line so a lady asked as if we wanted to go to the blue door and get our tickets inside so it would be easier for us.When we were done me and Hillary and Silas the first ride we went on was the roller coaster which was my first time in rainbows ends.When it was our turn I felt a bit nevos because i was very happy and it was amazing and it went fast.And it was very hot like hot water shining brightly  on us.After the ride was done we went onto another ride which was so fun and then we had to sit anad the chairs spined around and the wheel turned around and we thought that our foots would hit the thing.Me and Hillary had to sit with me beause she had to look after me the next ride was called alien and it was a round dics with lots of chairs and it was blue. When we went on it we sat on it and then it went slow and spined and then it went very fast and the we started screaming because we thought that we were about to fall off.After we were done we went the fear fall which was very amazing because we could see everything and when we went down we almost going to vomit.The next ride we on was the new ride called the satmosphere when we got to the line it was very very long and we wanted to go on because my mum said that we only had one more ride to go to.When is was our turn we were very scared because we saw other people going on it we were screaming our heads off because the ride went upside down and we thought we were about to fall we wanted to stop the ride.When the ride stoped we went to the bumper boats and hten we had to wait in line.That was the last ride because we had to go home.when we got to go on we started to get wet and bump people and we were wet.By the time our turn was done were wet like a we fish in the deep blue sea.

By Lanessa



In the holidays I went to pitch and putt with Nick. I hit 3 pars Nick got 5 pars. He won by a lot. It was in Ellerslie next to the race track. My clubs were brand new.I was really excited to use them. All of the holes were par 3.The longest hole was 135 meters long the smallest hole was 75 meters long.There was 9 holes. After that went home and Nick washed the car.
By Brodie



On Monday the 14th of April 2014, my Mum, Dad and me all were buzzing with excitement about the following ten days ahead of us.
At ten O.clock AM we got into our trusty old car to go to the Auckland Airport .When we got to the Airport.

We were just in time for the shuttle. Inside the shuttle it was as bumpy as a cliff covered with rocks and boulders but luckily the trip was over in a blink.

At the Airport I had trillions of butterflies in my stomach so we decided to have our lunch ( Mc Donalds). I had a double cheese burger combo with a fanta as well- it was delicious.

When we were boarding I got an amazing treat from Mum and Dad-a new six pack of O.P.I Nail polish with really cool and trendy colours then we boarded the plane.

It was a long six hour flight but finally we got to Perth. The sunshine was amazing and it just added to the prettiness that Erin- Mum's BFF was waiting with a stunning sign saying WELCOME TO PERTH LYN GARTH AND MIA.

The next day we went to the Aquarium it was a blast we saw splendid seahorses, amazing anemones, cool clownfish, scary sharks and many other creatures - I even patted a Stingray.

On the third day of our trip we all decided to go to Caversham Wildlife Park to see the native Australian birds and animals. My favourite part of the day was when we got to pat/feed the kangaroos I liked it because they were soooo cute and fluffy.

On Sunday I woke up with a chocolate bunny in my room-IT WAS EASTER. My  breakfast was all chocolate and I got to relax all day except for our super fun Egg hunt our holiday was the best EVER.

By Mia


Monday, 12 May 2014



On sunday I went to the farm with my dad and brother Oliver. It took two hours to get there. When we got out of I felt sick because the road was windy, after that Paul came out of the door but he came out wearing the same clothes he was wearing all week. So he got changed and then he got out the digger it so i got to ride there and my dad and brother went in the trailer .

When we got there we had to feed the pigs tomatoes and rotten mike that he left outside it looked like cheese. Next we feeded the hungry chickens Paul got out a bucket full of wheat we had to throw it in the pen. But my brother doesn't know how to throw wheat so he throw it up in the air when it came down it felt like hail.

When we were putting the bucket back I saw a buck and Paul had his shotgun in his boot of the car and he gave  it to my dad he waked as quiet as a mouse and then boom it was as loud as lightning. My dad got it it was my job to find it but my brother found it so he had to put it in the trailer but you know how my brother and dad had to ride in the trailer so they had to go ride in the chamber with the bead buck and then we went home.

By Luca


Friday, 9 May 2014



On monday morning  at 7pm I woke up and got dressed in my ski stuff which was extremely hot and went downstairs for breakfast I had sausages Which was yum.
After breakfast I went upstairs to brush my teeth and check everything was in it my bag.
My sister was almost ready waited for her. When she was ready we put our shoes on and
we went over to luca's because Luca's mom was taking us to snow planet.Daniel arrived just after we got there because he was coming to. daniel had to put on his ski clothes and we all hoped on the car and off we went. The car jouney was boring and hot and sticky . When we were inside the building the site was amazing.We got are ski boots on and we put on our skis and went into the fridge it was cold I was so thankful that mum made me put on extra clothes.We waited for our instructor to come. When she came she showed us how to sidestep so we move around we hoped on this magic carpet at the top she showed us how to stop and turn we basically just practice that for the rest of the lesson.

By William            


The Farm

In the holidays I went to the farm. Mum and dad drove me and my sister down.It took us 1 hour and 15 minutes.We went down because mum and dad had to go to a wedding in ahope and they had to work the next week.At the farm I did lots of cool things like going to the hot pools, mini golf, rode motorbikes, played with a friend, and learnt how to drive a tracktors.The day after we got there I went to my friends house which is next door.His name is Thomas.We rode motorbikes together we played in the pool together we even milked cows together.Then I went home.The next day I watched tv and played PS3. The game that I played was rugby world cup 2011.I won the world cup.Then I went for a motorbike ride.I went top speed and top speed in top gear.The next day me and poppa went rabbit hunting.It was as hot as hollywood. I don't know why I brought my thermal. We shot nothing though. So we walked back.Then we had lamb chops for dinner.Hmmmmmmmmm.The next day poppa tought me how to drive a tracktor.I said "this is going to help when I learn how to drive a car".On Friday the following week mum and dad came down for duck shooting. Me, dad and his friend Wal shot 8 ducks. The funny thing was that the wild cats ate one of the ducks.

By Ashton

Mini - Golf

On Thursday 1st of May I went to Mini - Golf with my Dad, Shay, Nadav and Aixa. (Shay's Friend) It was in Tamaki Drive and we decided to go there because we knew it would be really fun! I had a Blue ball and Nadav's ball was Dark Green. Shay was really excited, she had a smile as big as the big sun!

My favourite hole was hole 7, I liked it because there were lots of tunnels which makes the ball go in different directions. I think the trickiest one was hole 8 because there were lots of turns and tricky parts. The easiest hole would have to be hole 1 because it's the first level and I got a hole in 2. (Which was the par.)

At the end I added up the scores and I got 62 points, Nadav got 84, Shay got 71 and Aixa got 74. So, Nadav came last, Aixa came 3rd, Shay was 2nd and I placed First! Yay!

It was as fun as going on one of the rides at Rainbows End!

By Bar

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Football Match

Eastern Suburbsvs

Seven o'clock I get out of bed and get my Eastern Suburbs gear on. Then I made my bed went down the stairs and had fried egg for breakfast. Then I put on my game socks and read a book before we had to get in the car.Then at eight thirty me and my dad got into the car and drove down the road  to crosfield and parked the car. We got out and walked to the pitch.The team was there waiting I got my warm up goalkeeper gloves on and warmed up soon bay olympic showed up then we kicked of. About 10 seconds  later we scored by our striker jd 1-0 to us.  At halftime we were five  goals up and Bay Olympic had not scored we kept on scoring until  full time. At the end of the game we had powerade and Cole asked us if we would like to come to a sleepover at his place.  We all said yes and arrived at 5 at his place.

By Freddie

Monday, 5 May 2014



When it was sunday 19 April I went to wellington on a plane. My mum and dad and sisters and me went.  My dad wanted to go because he liked to go to wellington. We woke up early and went to the airport to go on the plane.

It was a sunny day in Wellington when we got there. But I got blocked ears. It was a very bumpy landing on the plane. When we go off we went on the bus. The bus took us to Te papa. Then we had our lunch. We looked at the amazing colossal squid. It was really big. We watched a colossal squid movie. It was really cool.

We went back on the bus back to the airport and went on the plane. I had to sit next to somebody I didn't know. The lady sitting next to me asked me what my name is. When we got to the airport we went in the car back to home.

By Thomas