Monday, 21 October 2013


On Saturday the 28th of September I went to my sister`s 11th birthday. I had a good morning with my Sister, my two cousins, my Mum, Dad, Brother and my Sister`s friends. We went to go celebrate my sisters birthday at the AMF bowling in Panmure! We got to do bowling and most of my sisters friends were in her team.We got to bowl and then we got to do lazer tag and it was relly cool. Then we watched a video and there was this room where you put suits on and then we played it. It was really fun. After lazer tag we did the arcades and we also got more tokens. Then i went to my mama`s house. That was a relly cool birthday maybe I can go again.

By Pativai


During the holidays I made jewellery with clay. I played with it because it is a little bit fun. I played with it at my house. The first thing I did was to choose a colour to roll. Once I had rolled the clay out into a bracelet shape I start making little beads out of clay. Some of the clay is different. Sometimes I mix the colours together to make cool colours. I am excited because one day I am going to bake them. This is the best time I had.

By Laura 

Moving House

On Friday the 11 of October we were moving house.We were moving house with our friends and families.We were moving to Howard Hunter so we are really close to the old house. We needed to move houses because of the owner form our old house.

So on Friday we moved house. One of our friends helped and his name is Nilo. We got almost everything tidy.

On Saturday it was cool because in the morning we tidyed evrything and then we went to Couple For Christ. It starts at 12 pm and finshes at 11pm but on that day it finshed at 6pm. When it finshed, the people for Couple For Christ helped us move the rest of our things into our house. 

I like my new house. It's really warm.

By Juliana 


In the  holidays I went to Taupo. We went on Wednesday the 9th October. It was about a 3hr trip. I was really excited to get there.

When we arrived at Taupo we checked in. Then we my whole family unpacked and then we went on the trampoline. After lunch we went on the trampoline again and we only had 2 minutes each and we took turns in order and then we watched tv for 30 minutes then finally it was time for dinner. And we went to a place called Lone Star. After we had dinner we went back to our motel. We only stayed in Taupo for one night.

I really want to go back to Taupo again.

By Lara