Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Reading for the sake of Pizza

Read for Pizza the inside story only in Hub 1

Watch this space we will be reporting back to you on this reading challenge.

Holidays are over it is time for the real fun to begin.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Haka Powhiri at Pt England Beach

Haka Powhiri at Pt England Beach


Our lifetime of experiences in one day.........

 Our visitor arrive

High Fives 

Navigation secrets

Our last moments with our new friends

Holidays have begun!

Holidays have begun! 

Reading challenge begins Monday  !!!

First Prize
2 movie Tickets
2nd Prize
Morning tea treat basket

To win these prizes
You need to use this form, or make a form that looks the same.
Your mission is to read 20 minutes on
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday only

For two weeks

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Dream Job!

My dream job for the future is pretty cool. And I mean really cool. Surely not everyone gets to eat chocolate everyday. Definitely not for a day job!

My dream Job is a chocolate taste tester.  We go and work at one shop every day. We take some samples to the chocolate lab and test/eat them. Then we send the results to the shop the chocolate came from. Next we have a meeting and decide if the chocolate is good enough to sell. If it is not, They will close the shop for a day so the shop has time to the particular type of chocolate.That chocolate can not be put up in the shop again unless remade, Altered and retested. If that is not good enough the shop will have to keep going through that process until the chocolate is good enough to be sold.

You have to be very skilled to make the job as a chocolate tester. You also can’t be picky about the what you get given to eat. To properly test the chocolate, you have to compare it with the most fine and expensive chocolate that you can find. Now, we can talk about the Chocolate lab. The chocolate lab is where we test the chocolate to find out if it is good enough. That is where we take the chocolate to eat it. We transport the chocolate from the shops and factories in the chocolate van. In the chocolate van there is pretty much where we keep all of our chocolate. every chocolate that we have tested goes into the chocolate van so we can snack on the chocolate for long drives or we can just have some for our lunch.

The chocolate testing team work at one factory or shop every day. On week days, week will go to work at 9:00 and finish around 3:00. On Saturday we start work at 9:00 and leave at 12:00. On Sunday, we get the day off.

Being a Chocolate tester is pretty cool right? Yeah, of course it is! Hopefully it can be a job in the future.