Thursday, 13 November 2014

Clouds By Maya

Acrostic Poem

My name is Lanesa and here is my acrostic poem. 

Loud as a lion roaring.
Amazing and wonderful at sports and running.
Nesting like a bird in its nest like me in bed. 
Energetic especially when dancing. 
Sweet like candy. 
Active all year with netball and touch rugby. 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Film festival.....Exciting

Lazy Boy - Manaiakalani Film Festival 2014

The idea for the film was originally a joke. I shared it with some of my friends who thought it was really funny. They said it was humorous especially how the lazy boy didn’t get the remote himself and just called his mum all the time. 
So we took this idea and developed the storyline and made it a bit more complex. We included the man in the TV and the different ways the lazy boy  communicated with his mum.

I thought it was fun to be the lazy boy because I got to sit in the chair the whole time. What I found challenging was having to keep a natural face and not smile when saying my lines.
- Bar

I have enjoyed working with my friends and some people that I thought I would never work with. I was having a fun time though, also learning about creating a strong storyboard and interesting camera angles for the Lazy Boy.
- Rohan

I enjoyed having to get all the camera angles right and the challenge of working with people I’m not used to be working with. Next time I think we should take a few of the same shots, even if it’s a good shot, and pick which one is the best.
- Nadav

I learnt that it is very important to listen to others and add to their ideas rather than just my own. Other people have different perspectives, opinions and ideas that can make a group stronger. I also learnt the importance of being patient while being filmed especially when it is a complicated speech.
- Mia

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Yummy Popcorn! By Danna Lei

Why does Popcorn pop?
Popcorn is a great snack to eat. But what is the science and history of popcorn? This is all about popcorn and how it forms from a seed to an ediable treat.

How it pops?
Popcorn pop’s because of the heat inside it. The popcorn seed is called a Kernel. A kernel has 14% of water inside it. A kernel needs moisture for it to be able to pop.When it gets heated up, the water inside it boils and then it pops!Then after a while, it cools down.

Why it pops?
Popcorn is a fascinating type of food.When you pop the popcorn, it can never be able to pop again. A kernel seed needs water to able to pop,without it, the kernel will stay as a seed.
The kernel is popped because of the undying heat.When the heat goes in the kernel,it slowly boils the water inside the kernel and the boiling water then turns into steam, and it becomes into the odd shape we love.

Facts about popcorn
Did you know that popcorn saved theatres? in the olden days people used popcorn for everything, and do you know that a popcorn stall\stand could be your job for a living in the popular year of popcorn.Also, Charles Cretors made the first popcorn machine in the 1800’s. Did you also  know that popcorn is part of the oldest food who have lived through all these centuries? You also need a specific type of corn to make popcorn.The corn you will need is called, Zea mays.

I hope you have learnt many true facts about popcorn and how popcorn was scientifically formed.I hope that you keep on eating popcorn!

Kiwi sport Softball

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Thunder By Natasha

Thunder booms through the sky,
I can hear the rain smashing against the windows.
Everything will get blown away by the wind,
I can see the lightning fighting in the sky.
Trees swaying wildly...

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Review - By Nadav

The new Playground in Stonefields

Have you heard of the new playground in stonefields? Well I really hope you have! It is a first-class playground and one of the best of them! If you want a marvelous playground to take your kids, then this is the playground you're looking for! It has a slide, a water contraption, a dam and much more! It's suitable to a different range of ages and has a variety of stuff to do! It's near the cafe, the school and more!

Today I will be reviewing the new playground and some of its rides e.g the water contraption and dam, the diggers, the swings, the spinning top and the slide! This will hopefully persuade you to go and support this wonderful playground! I really think that if you try it you'll enjoy it more than any playground you've ever been to!

In my opinion my two number one things to do are the water contraption/dam and the diggers. The reason being is that the diggers have levers that you can move around to dig and empty. I like the water contraption/dam because in the fountain you can block and charge up water and let go then, when the dam is almost flooded you can open it up and it flows to a water screw. I don't like the sand because it gets in my eyes, my shoes and it's just annoying. The flying fox is a bit loose and feels like you are about to fall off. The problem is that there is no toilet. I like the swings just because I like swings and I like how the swings have rubber, covering the chains. I like the slide because when you slide down it, you go really really fast!

I think this playground is suitable to all ages up to 9/10, people who like playgrounds and people who like sand! So I hope this persuaded you to go and check out this playground.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Playtime Playground By Bar

The Playtime Playground

Have you heard about the new playground in Stonefields? The Playtime Playground. It's close to a cafe and Stonefields School and is situated at the bottom of Mt Wellington. It is a new state of the art playground that is within half an hour of Aucklands CBD. You and  your family should come and check it out!

The new playground has some pretty cool features. The playground has a flying fox, a basket swing, a massive spinning top, and some others. The floor is made of sand and it's really soft. The playground has a mini - tower with a slide to slide off the tower. It has these mini - diggers which are pretty cool.

Some features that I like are the basket swing, and the huge spinning top. I think those are really fun. The basket slide is held up with chains, and the chain is surrounded with rubber so it wouldn't hurt if you hold it. The cool thing about the spinning top is that you can control the speed of it spinning so if you sit on the spinning top, and you want to spin fast, then you could push it hard and it will go fast, if you want it to go slow, then you could push it lightly.

Some features that I didn't like was the sand, and the speed of the flying fox. The reason I didn't like the idea of having sand instead of grass is because it gets in your shoes and you get full of sand. It is really hard not to get sand in your shoes! The reason I don't like the flying fox too much is because it doesn't go down a hill so it goes really slow.

I would recommend the Playtime Playground to children from 2 - 13 years because the playground hasn't got games that would really interest people that are older than 13. And the games are probably not for 1 year olds or younger.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Cutting Edge of Fun! By Mia

Have you seen the new modern playground in Stonefields? It’s the new park full of laughter, adventure and most of all - fun!
It’s unbelievably close to the Stonefields Market, School, Mt Wellington and many other venues. This playground is ideal for the whole family because it has many thrilling attractions in the park
for all ages and stages!

This park is a perfect excuse to escape the boringness of your house!
Your kids will be begging to stay the whole day so - Why not? There is a vast amount of lush grass great for having a picnic on!
There are many features in the playground such as a turntable, a uber cool water feature, swings, basket swing, slide, jungle gym, mini diggers, a flying fox and many other attractions to enjoy.

I think that the only down side to the park is that it has no toilets there are still many other toilets around. Also, if you are not a sand lover you may want to avoid this park but surprisingly all the rest is great! This park is made with safety in mind with sand covering most of the ground rathern than splintering bark but is still heaps of fun as well! The park has been made with quality and quantity so you will never get bored of it!

This playground is a definite must do for all kids - and adults from the age of three years right to the age of 70!because it is the cutting edge of fun! I definitely hope that you enjoy my review - and the park!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Tiger - By Juliana

Rendered Image


It was in India and there was a jungle. There were two tigers and they lived happily because they got to hunt and run and chase different animals for food and games.

The very bad thing!

One day the villagers came and destroyed  their habitat and so they didn't have anywhere to live but they found a little cave. Tiger 1 found the pound first and then after 5 minutes tiger 2 fund the pond tiger 2 was upset because he had to be with another tiger because they we forced to be together.  

The big fight

When the tigers started talking and fighting they heard a sound  the sound was a chainsaw and thing falling down because of the humans and suddenly they saw that their habitat was destroyed.


The human felt really bad because they had destroyed their habitat so the built in wall that one side the humans can do whatever they want and on the other side the animals we let free.

(one year later.)
The tigers had missed being with each other so they got back together tiger one was a male and tiger 2 was a female and they had babies.

Endangered Tigers - by Molly

There was a village where people lived. They're starting to destroy the jungle habitat to make farms.
One day the  forest was changing because they are starting to kill off the trees and the animals to feed their own families. But what about the animals?

Before the killing started there was nothing but jungle and animals. Later on the two tigers were going to the watering hole. It was full of water that all the animals drink from. The two tigers were talking "I wonder what will happen in the future?'' he said "will there be lots of water left for us to drink" he said. "Maybe, maybe not" he said'.

The two tigers went to the watering hole every day. They noticed that it got smaller every day. "Is the watering hole getting smaller?" They said to themselves.                                  

One day, some people came with cameras to shoot the tigers but not bullets just photos, they were tourists. The animals felt strange because they didn't know what happened. They stopped cutting down the trees because they have created a nature reserve for the tigers. Even  though they destroyed most of the habitat got destroyed but they are safe in the nature reserve.😊

The Tiger - by William

   Rendered Image

They are licking the water in the oasis and then a tiger creeps through the bush, he growls and then he said "sorry I just need a drink of water from the watering hole".

they can't hunt because there's almost no deer but if the attack the cows the farmer will try to kill me.
"If they catch me they will put me in a zoo or a cage he says"
"I can hear big trucks coming our way now
I smell the pollution they want a bigger city or farm we have to retreat with our family so we don't die and we will need to get to another forest fast we might find some more watering holes and food".
One year later the trucks came and destroyed the forest. So a farmer came to close and the tiger jumped at him and the farmer shot him and wounded the tiger, then the farmer called the zoo and they dragged the tigers away to a zoo paradise their was so many water holes and food to eat.

They where happy because it was better then dieing in the jungle and there was much more food to feast on.

We Need a New Jungle - by Tony

   Rendered Image

Deep in the oasis jungle there were thousands and thousands of rivers and ponds but now only a few of each were left. Because of the humans they were using the water for their farms and other needs by diverting the river.

Tiger one was just walking towards the pond he usually drinks from. After a few minutes of drinking he heard something rustling in the bushes, it sounded like it was growling for help, and he thought it was a deer or a boar . But how could a deer or a boar be growling? What could it be…?

When he was about to jump and kill the poor thing but no!, out came Tiger two his old friend which he got really mad at once.

Tiger one started to ask questions. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"This is what happened to me and why I'm here."  Tiger two said.

"This is how it all started. First my family got caught and killed by those two legged creatures, so I started looking for revenge in their jungle which had very straight trees with no leaves and also they can live inside them! Then I tried to kill one of their animals for some food, but I got hit in the leg by a very small and fast bird which came out of a very strange looking stick."

"And here I am barely walking and wounded by this water-hole.".

Tiger one got up from drinking and said "You know what my old friend? I was thinking about what you just said, and I always wanted to get out of here with a friend, but the thing is they are all dead. I was thinking of trusting you again, and I think it's time, I do.".

"So lets get out of here and let's go into a new jungle.".

"Be here tomorrow early in the morning. I know a way through this jungle to a forest which leads to a different jungle.".

Tiger two was so happy. " Thank you so much. I won't be late, I promise.".
The next they started their journey to a new world and a new beginning.

Habitat Destruction by Sophie

Rendered Image

The tiger is lapping at the water, not caring about the humans in the background, even he's scared.

Then he smells it.The smell of danger and habitat destruction.He never thought he would charge at the humans but now he might have to.If it gets any worse.

His family was lost, just because of the humans and he was all alone.

The jungle was getting smaller and smaller because the men were cutting down trees so the tigers were in trouble.They either got killed by humans or put into zoos.

The tiger thought "Should I move to another tigers territory?"Then he realized the other wouldn't want him but it was worth a try.
So he found a place to stay but soon the forest started getting smaller and smaller because the men came with their dogs and cut down trees.

Soon he finally went to a place stay and soon he started to have a conversation with another tiger:

Tiger 1 "Can I stay here?"

Tiger 2 "Why?"

Tiger 1 "Because the humans are destroying the land and I've got nowhere to live !''

Tiger 2 "That's awful. Maybe we should gather other tigers and seek revenge on the humans."

Tiger 1 "OK.''

So they gathered other tigers and they did fight the humans but many tigers got killed.

Endangered Tigers by Jessie

Far, far away in the heart of the jungle, Tiger 1 drinks slowly. Tiger 2 says                                                                     
"Hey can I have some water" I don't care" said the other tiger. who was more interested in drinking as much as he could. The two tigers were sipping the water closely together.

"What are we going to do about this?" "I don't know" . We should kill the humans,if they stand in our way. This country wasn't always like this it use to be a big territory but now the humus are cutting down all the trees, bushes, and grass."How can we live like this"?
Wait I remember something when I was a little cub my family and me lived
in a awesome place called shady high. "Lets go there! But won't the humans capture us? and what about my leg"?
We have to do it! Do you wanna die or live? "Live". Then we go "yeah". Here we go!
We headed out at night because lots of humans sleep really early at night so they hid in a bin tippy toes as they go. The lights went out the tiger "said who turned out the lights"? "I don't know" " Who said that"? Me. A human is coming.
Lets get out of here so there ran away as quick as lighting. The human was lost in the dark city, but the tigers could see. They were almost there but they were so tired that they had a rest. The next day they woke up and went to shady high.       

"Yeah we made it". "Now we can live our live peacefully."We got everything we need water ,food ,playtime ,and pease. "Thanks for helping me no problems, hope we will be safe here for a long time". "Me too"

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Danger By Vera


Our Home has been destroyed by humans, that might develop homes, buildings, farms and more. The Tigers are thirsty and are starving to death.

Finally they found a little pond of water. The tigers are disgusted how they can get out of the dangerous situation they were starting to plan an escape plan from the danger.

Before they had a huge rain forest,and lot of water and food but now they only can find a small pond of water and each time they drink a sip it becomes smaller & smaller.

Before the animals was very happy and lived really peacefully.Until the humans came and started to cut down trees , and breaking our habitat.Soon it wasn't a peaceful, happy rain forest in fact it turned into a dry and plain land.that are going to build farms, houses and cities.

What are the tigers going to do? Then one of the tiger got an idea "maybe we should run away so the hunters don't kill us." The other tiger replied "that's a great idea".

But when they went out they all got killed and then the rain forest is full of farms, houses and city. There were millions of people in the land having fun.  

By Vera

Tiger Facts By Ella Lash

Rendered Image

               The Bengal tiger live in Evergreen forests, Mangrove swamps, Tropical rainforests and grasslands in India.


Tigers can use their distinctive coats to camouflage . After they lay in the grass then wait and creep up close enough to attack their victim with a quick spring and fatal pounce. This is called an ambush kill.


The Bengal tigers diet is wild boar, wild horses, buffalo,  roe deer, yak, Sambar and other prey food


Most Tigers don't have prides like lions do.
They don't have family units because the male plays no part in his offspring. They are lone hunters and predators.


These are different types of tigers in the world some are really endangered there is the Bengal tiger, Siberian tiger, Sumatran tiger, Malayan tiger, Indochinese and the south china tiger.

Threats to the Tiger
There are many threats to the tiger, some are hunting and poaching of the tiger for its skin or body parts. The Asian medicinal trade claims a lot of tigers. Loss of habitat is the last threat facing the tigers.

By Ella Lash


Two Tigers and a Watering hole by Valery

Two Tigers and a Waterhole

There was two tigers having a conversation about a pond, because the forest was getting smaller and smaller from people cutting down trees. So the tigers have nowhere to go or to hunt. There was nothing to eat.

Tiger 1 said" Hey, that's my pond you have to go somewhere else to drink." Tiger 1 keeps roaring at Tiger 2. Until Tiger 2 said something.

Tiger 2 said " I don't care I've got nowhere to go, and the forest is getting smaller and smaller. This is the only place where I can go and drink." Tiger 2 just continue drinking.

Before all this happened, everything was going well the tigers had their own habitat to hunt and live. There was big animals like deer and wild boar. Who were also free tigers could hunt them.

But now everything was going bad, because people are building a city with space for farmers to grow plants and people cutting down trees and the tigers have nowhere to go. All the` tigers prey items have nowhere to live so the tigers can't hunt anything anymore. the tigers have to share a pond and a habitat together.

In the end the tigers died, because the people were cutting down trees and building lots of houses and farmlands. They're forced out from their habitat because the humans don't want them there.

By Valery Chao

Two tigers and a dangered forest by Curie

Two tigers and a endangered forest

There was a forest that started getting smaller, people were cutting down trees and destroying plants and animals.

One tiger was walking down to a little pond he sat down rested and drank the water from the pond, then the second tiger came crawling near the pond and the first tiger started getting angry and said "hey this is my pond go away I don't like you". The second tiger said "But from now on you have to share this pond or otherwise I will die! Because I won't have any food to eat and won't have any water to drink. Because of the human threat to our Jungle.

The first tiger started thinking about what the second tiger just said the he said "you can drink the water from the pond as long as you share it with me okay and they agreed.

Weeks past and the area got smaller and the tigers got a tiny area to hunt in and less food to eat.

They started to walk around the forest and hunt for food but all they found was cut down trees and broken plants.

When they saw all the plants cut down or broken they soon knew that they would die and left the forest for ever.

Later on they came to a desert which was so hot that they died on the journey to a new jungle that they never found.

By Curie Choi

The Tigers By Georgia Couch

Rendered Image

One day in the jungle there were lots and lots of animals and near that jungle there was a city that was making a lot of smoke, pollution and noise.

The animals started panicking. Before the humans came it was quiet and peaceful and not so dry also there was more water.It was nice having lots of water (because the water helps deer and other animals that tigers like to eat survive so the tigers get more food and can hunt well).

There were two tigers drinking from a little water hole and they were talking about the city and the humans.Tiger 1 was just ignoring tiger 2 tiger 1 was just drinking from the water hole and saying "we will be alright stop panicking just shut up and relax" tiger 2 said "how am I going to relax when we could be killed the other tigers have been shot and taken in big trucks".
Tiger 2 was screaming at tiger 1 tiger 2 was saying "The humans are coming"!

Tiger 2 and tiger l saw humans cutting down trees with a chainsaw. Tiger 2 kept saying to tiger l "come on run!" but it was too late they got shot!! They woke up in a zoo tiger l said "see were ok and we even get free food and a lot of running space too."Tiger 2 never liked the zoo and hated the humans looking at him he always tried to escape tiger l said "I love this new place and saw the other tigers."    
By Georgia Couch

The Forest by Serena Zhang

Rendered Image
In the natural forest there are a lot of animals, and space but the environment is being changed by people destroying the habitat.

The water hole
The watering hole has become a bad part of the habitat now, but they the animals gathered by a water hole to drink.
Before the humans started destroying their habitat the water was clean and good to drink.

No more water
A few days later all the animals were squished around the shrinking bush.Tigers were fighting for water. The first tiger says “go away this is my area”! But the second tiger replied “no this is my area you need to leave”!

  Two tigers
The first tiger said to the second tiger “let’s have a race to the end and back to the water hole. They realised there was less trees because the humans have been cutting down the trees “we must travel to a new forest”! said the first tiger. They began to leave.

 The journey
They finally started the journey first they searched for a forest for one day and they found one far away from the old one. They started running towards the new forest. They ran so fast that people thought it was a tornado in the dust.
The new forest
At last they arrived there and stayed there for the rest of the time and no humans came for now.

By Serena Zhang