Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Up Mt Wellington By Bar

On Wednesday the 19th of March LH8 climbed to the top of Mt Wellington. We walked on the road to the top, because on the grass it was too steep. We had to go in single file because if a car it would be harder to hit one of us. When we got to the top we ate some lunch. After that we did some cool activities. One of them was when we sat on Mt Wellington and drew all the other volcanoes that we could see. Another was that we drew with pastels some of the views we could see. The last one was capture the flag, it was fun. Then we got to eat some ice blocks and we went down. We did some reflecting about what we did at the top. Everyone was tired but it was really fun.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Mt Wellington hike By Mia

On Wednesday the 19 of March 2014 , Hub 8 went on a hike up Mt Wellington. We did it so that we could continue our concept (success) and to be successful in hiking to the summit and back while learning about the history of the mountain/volcano. We learn't that Mr Marsh’s tribe was attacked. I felt that I made a connection between Mt Wellington and One Tree Hill which was that the views were very similar and both could see Rangitoto very well.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Festival of Education

Stonefields School participated in the Festival of Education down at the Viaduct in the weekend. Some of us featured in this Education Video - can you spot them?

The feeling of success! By Rohan

On the 19.3.14 we went up Mt Wellington! It was awesome (Hub 8 did it by the way) when we walked up I felt successful. I looked back and saw everything, it looked so tiny! Our focus is success!!! We walked around the crater. We got to the peak Mr marsh told us a story about his tribe. The story was about the chief of the tribe who went up the Mt to get food, the people up there was beating him up then he told his tribe. His tribe took revenge most of the tribe got killed and the people up there . We played games and learnt things then it was time to go. MT WELLINGTON IS SO COOL!

Thursday, 13 March 2014


For the last couple of weeks we have been lucky enough to have some Badminton lessons. It has been so valuable to learn the different skills needed to play this exciting game.
Firstly we worked on the different strokes - forehand and backhand when striking the shuttlecock. Then we moved on to serving; this was hard but after many practices we were all pretty successful.
As the lessons progressed we worked on playing a game between two people over the net. Eventually we played doubles - this was great fun!

Hub 8

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Oral autobiographies.

Mr Noble's literacy groups are writing their own autobiographies. The learners wrote a letter home asking their families for help. They brought in photos, early pieces of art work and collected amusing anecdotes from their past to help them with their writing.

 Listen to these funny anecdotes :)