Friday, 30 August 2013

Bee Movie Award Ceremony

Mia, Maya and Natasha from LH4 won the National Beekeepers Association video competition. They girls were presented with $1500 of palmers gardening suplies for the school. Our hub watched the girls receive their award and plant the plants.

Photos taken by Rohan, William and Ashton.
Video created by Ashton.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Miss Campbell's Literacy groups have been writing information reports on China. Here is what some of us have written so far. 

China is Located in eastern Asia. It is the fourth largest country in the world and is filled with 1.3 billion people, which makes it the most populated country in the world. In 2008, Beijing, the capital of China, hosted the Olympic games. In china, the most popular language spoken is mandarin.

Chinese Food
In china, the food is very yummy. In most Chinese meals, rice and noodles are served. When a Chinese family eats a meal, it is usually served as a buffet. A buffet is where there is a big selection of food set out on a table and you can take whatever you want. A common Chinese breakfast is boiled egg soaked in tea. Another popular dish is dumplings. They can be filled with vegetables, seafood and meat. Spring rolls are also a popular food.

Chinese Population
China has the largest population in the world. Since the country has 1.3 billion people, each family is only allowed 1 child. If not, the country would be overloaded and people would get lost!

Chinese Festivals & Celebration
In China, there are a lot of different festivals and celebrations. I wouldn't want to be rude, but of the festivals have some cool and weird names. There is festival called the ''ghost festival''. At Chinese New Year, people go to the Lantern Festival and the New Year Festival. At those festivals, there are heaps of people. The Chinese New Year is very different to ours. Instead of having a big festival, we go outside in the middle of the night and sing... ONE, TWO, THREE, NEW YEAR!

China is a great place to live.

By Maya

Beijing hosted the Olmpic games in 2008. The languages spoken are Chinese and Mandarin. The capital city is Beijing. China is located in East Asia in the Northern hemisphere.

Chinese  Meals

Boiled eggs soaked in tea are eaten for breakfast. Fried rice is very popular in China. Dumplings filled with seafood, meat and vegetables are also popular.

Animals in China

The traditional animal is the giant panda. The total population of Pandas in the world is not well docomented but is estimated at approximately 1,200 panda bears. About 80% are concentrated is Sicwan prouvince with the rest scattrered Gansa and Shanxi prouvinces.

Cities in China
The capital city of China is Beijing. Other cities in China are Hong kong and lots more. Many people go to Beijing to see the Forbidden city.

By Tony

Thursday, 1 August 2013

BMX World Champs

On the twenty seventh of July, me, my brother Harrison, Mum, Dad and our friends Ben and Luke went to the BMX world championships. We went because Harrison and Ben like to do BMX. The BMX course was at the Vector Arena in Auckland city. It was really, really, really big (and that's really big).

When we got there, we had to go to the check in office, were we got tickets to see the show. As we walked in the door, there was a lady that was going to scan our tickets. Then we went through. We showed the other scanner person in the arena our tickets so he could give us a seat. Ben and Luke were there before us so it took quiet a while to find them. Finally, we found them. From our seats we had a great view and Ben and Luke were on the other side so they came to sit with us.

Then we were able to watch the race. First, we saw the junior men and then the elite woman. The dirty track they were racing on had lots on jumps, mountains and at the start the was a ramp the was about 3 meters high. When the racers started, there was a few bumpy hills that made them jump. Even though the woman were elite, the junior men did the BIGGEST jumps. The racer were from all around the globe and some had even been in the olympics! Since we were hungry, Dad went to get some hot chips. They were so yummy we all gobbled them up in seconds. My favourite New Zealand racer is Sarah Walker. She is very clever because she was racing with a broken arm and didn't even fall of!
I had a really fun time and I would like to go again.

By Maya  

My Movie Day and Sleepover

In the holidays on the 26th July I went to the movies and watched Epic. Epic is a animation movie and I really enjoyed it. I went with me,Vicky and Alina. (Alina is Vicky's friend) After Epic me,Vicky and our dad dropped Alina. Then me and Vicky went to one movie night at St Helliers church. At the movie night we watched Brave, Ice age 3 and Ice age 4. I really liked Brave. When we finished watching our midnight movies we went to bed in our sleeping bags. Before we fell asleep we were telling some scary story. That was the best day in my holidays.

By Tony