Friday, 29 August 2014

We should have cats!

I strongly believe that we should NOT get rid of cats

They help people calm down like a stress ball, but fluffier, softer and cuter. Its pretty weird when you just pat a cat, you get this weird calming effect, so you wont get angry at something that you were angry at.

Secondly it's cruel to get rid of our cat's because maybe some of the owners will be sad about losing their cat's. It might be chaos in New Zealand if we get rid of all our cat's. They might make signs that say's we want our cat's back!

Cats are cute, and we might have the most cat's in the world. When we get rid of them then you suddenly want them back it would take a long time to find some cat's to breed baby cats. It would take a LONG time to get them to an adult cat. Half of our houses in New Zealand have AT LEAST one cat to play or pat.

That's why I don't want to get rid of cats in New Zealand.

     By Matthew

Cats should not be in New Zealand

I think we should get rid of cats.

Firstly we should get rid of cats because they are lazy and loud. Also it is very annoying when little cats growl at you, when you do something at them. Plus some cats carry some diseases that might kill you or make you sick. Also lots of students in hub eight are very angry about homeless cats coming around their houses. I think that is bad because cats that have diseases might spread around theirs house.

Secondly we should get rid of cats because when you are not home they just go in your fridge and take stuff. I think that is dumb cats eating your food, sometimes they might go in your draw and take your clothes out. Even your cups they will break them or just chuck them on the ground and crack them.

Thirdly we should get rid of cats because they are nasty. Some little children get scratched or bitten by them.

Therefore we should get rid of cats for good.

By Kaea

Thursday, 28 August 2014

I think cats should be allowed in new zealand

I think cats should be allowed in New Zealand because half of New Zealand has cats as their family pet.

Firstly cats are mostly harmless because they like pats, scratches and cuddles. They also just want a lot of love. Sometimes they go stray because they don't get the love they want. For example my cat Pearl just sits around mostly on mum and dads bed just waiting for us to get home and come up stairs to give her some loving. Pearl loves scratches.

Secondly it would be unfair to all the cat lovers in New Zealand if the cats had to be taken away and be sent or put down somewhere. Also they are cute and cuddly. Cats kill pests like rats and mice that might kill more native things than cats.

Thirdly cats are cute and they are more likely to be cute and cuddly then stray and bad at playing. Also they are very nice. Cats don't bite as much as dogs do and how many cat attacks have you heard about on TV lately?

That is why I think cats should stay in new zealand.

By Ashton

Colour Poem By Dasha

I am night black and a nightmare,
I am a black box full of equipment.
The black suit and black hair of an adult,
A children's enemy, evil as can be.
My life means death and sadness in the world.
I was once a white coat but now a nightmare cape,
never white again I shall be. I shall stay black forever,
I am dull, empty and never happy.

We should get rid of cats!

I strongly believe that we should get rid of cats.

Firstly we should get rid of cats because they are feral. Sometimes that means they live in the streets and the forest.They are stupid and some cats come to my house and they make a lot of noise and they are serial killers.

Secondly they are lazy and fat and loud at night all the time. There is a lot of stray cats in New Zealand. They are harsh and homeless. Sometimes they are ugly and yucky.

Thirdly all cats make mess all the time and sometimes they pee and poo in your house and there are cat diseases.Cats scratch on furnitures and they leave their hair on the ground.

Therefore, we should get rid of all the cats in the whole of New Zealand.

By Amanaki

Monday, 18 August 2014

Proposed Warehouse building

I strongly believe that the warehouse should not be built. Imagine, not being able to sleep at night because of the building and all the deliveries.

Firstly, some people enjoy walking across the field that the warehouse to new world. But if the warehouse is there way then they will not be able to go across that field. For example, if you are walking across a field and there is a huge building in your way, how are you meant to get across?

Secondly, the warehouse  will cause a big shadow over at least ⅛ of Stonefields. Imagine living in that ⅛ with hardly any sunlight!! That would be horrible at least me and my friends would hate it!!

Lastly, the warehouse is meant to be red, and since it's red it will contrast with the Stonefields  will contrast with the houses because stone fields houses are meant to be natural rock colours.

In a conclusion, I strongly believe that the warehouse should not be built.

By Mia


Friday, 8 August 2014

20$ note

I strongly believe that there should be a new person on the New Zealand 420 note.

First of all I think Richie McCaw should be on the back of the 20$ Dollar he is famous. He has won the rugby world cup and he works hard for his job. Rugby is the very popular in New Zealand and the All Blacks are the best rugby time in the world.

He was once the world's best rugby player he has been the captain of the All Blacks for seven years and a half. He gets hurt all the time but he still plays the game and and he is determined to play on so he should be on the back of the 20$ note.

Many All Black fans probably think Richie McCaw should be on the back of the $20 note because he is respectful and he is nice. If you are the captain of the All Blacks you are probably famous in rugby life so he works hard for his job.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

We need more breakthrough time

I think we should have more breakthrough time because we all love it. Imagine a school without BREAKTHROUGH! Also all students in Stonefields school might love breakthrough. So listed below are my  3 reason of why we need more breakthrough.

Firstly I think we have a little to less breakthrough time. Firstly if we have an appropriate breakthrough it will last a long time and hard to complete. Also we have to wait 144 hours till the next breakthrough (thats a long time) And you have to wait 518400 seconds imagine that!

Secondly TONS of people think we need more time. E.G When we are REALLY engaged in our learning then..... its feed and read or lunch and then NO! SO yeah thats another reason. I think we need at least a bit more time hopefully your now a bit more persuaded (just hopefully!)

Lastly we WILL collaborate really well on most breakthrough projects, E.G for my breakthrough in term 1 TTC video games (the website) was really good because no one was off task! So yeah another reason, I think we need more time also because last term we did animation and we did a not have enough time!

Breakthrough give us a chance to sharpen our strengths. We all collaborate well if it is a good breakthrough (which most of them are)  We all love breakthrough so that's why I think we need more breakthrough! So do you think we need more breakthrough? (P.S PLEASE SAY YES)                

By Rohan

More breakthrough time!

To whom it may concern

I think that we should have more breakthrough time at school. Most of the kids at Stonefields school think that. Breakthrough is cool because kids get to choose what they are passionate about and they learn.

Firstly some people can not wait 144 hours till the next breakthrough and in seconds that is 518400 and in milli seconds that is 51840000 and now you are thinking we need more breakthrough time.

Secondly we enjoy breakthrough because we can choose our breakthrough and lead by learners and we can choose who is in our group. For example at the start of the term we can choose our group and choose how is in our group.

Thirdly we are engaged. Most people are engaged in their learning because they enjoy it and find it fun. Some kids learn best if they are having fun and breakthrough is meant to be fun. For example kids who normally don't get much stuff done get more stuff done.
Therefore we need more breakthrough time because it gives us time to learn about what we want to learn about at school. Everyone loves breakthrough and that is why we should have more breakthrough time.

Yours Sincerely,

William Ashman  

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Japanese Learning

Japanese Numbers:

1 - itchy
2 - knee
3 - sun
4 - she
5 - go
6 - rock
7 - shechy

A letter with an argument

Government Information Services
Department of Internal Affairs
PO Box 805
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

David Cunliffe on the $20 note
To whom it may concern,

I strongly believe that David Cunliffe should be on the $20 note. He will be a very famous person if he is on the $20 note.

Firstly each dollar note has a famous person on it. The people on the notes are very different to each other. The $5 note has Sir Edmund Hillary because he was known as a very famous adventurer. Kate Sheppard is on the $10 note because she was given the women vote.
And on the $20 note is queen elizabeth. There are more people on the notes.

Secondly none of the people on the dollar notes have been a politician. David cunliffe will be the first person to ever be on the $20 note that is a politician. If this happens maybe more people will vote for him.

Finally if David Cunliffe is on the $20 note he will get more attention from the public. He also will be famous because normally people use expensive notes and the $20 note is one of the $20 note.
Therefore I think David Cunliffe should be on the $20 note. If he is able to go on the $20 note

Thankyou for reading
Yours sincerely

Dylan Kumarasiri

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

How to get away from a cat if you're a mouse

Say you're a mouse being chased by a cat. What would you do?
Here are some really good ways to get away

Firstly, Cats don’t like smelly things so run out through the cat flap and jump into the rubbish bin. Get smelly and get out and walk up to the cat, if the cat still wants to eat you get a banana peel and stuff it in its mouth then run away.

Secondly, cats normally get tired when they're chasing a mouse like you so just be sure before you get into trouble put some dishwashing liquid in the milk and then if the cat start chasing you run round in circles until the cat is tired and dizzy. Wait until the cat drinks its milk. If it doesn't faint like its supposed to run into your mouse hole. It will not follow you because it does not know where you are.

Thirdly, cats don't like being annoyed.The following will tell you what not to do. Run around in circles more than 59 times, climbing really high trees, go into your mouse hole for more than 5 days and drink the milk in the cats bowl. Make sure you do not do these things when a cat is around.

Last but not least is cats love their claws.The moment there gone a cat will faint. When the cat is asleep cut off its claws and then tickle its tummy until it wakes up.Then the cat will wonder off to a mirror and check its claws.When it finds out that its claws are gone it will fall onto the floor

So these are some ways to get away from a cat. Good luck, you'll need it!

By Kiyara

Monday, 4 August 2014

Cat and Mouse

The giant Cat peered down the oak wood floor to the underground world of the mice. The mice are very Isolated. The mice squeak and chatter when leaving the safety of their home because they fear their worst enemy - Sammy the mouse killing Cat! They creep up the slowly spiralling staircase to Sammys lear so that they can devour the gourmet cheeses hidden in the pantry of the kitchen above. When the Mice get to the pantry they have to clamber around jars, creep into bags of flour and climb over mouse traps before they can get to their feast. Once the mice get to their feast they gnaw some of it and bring the rest of it to their home for the upcoming week.

By Mia