Thursday, 28 August 2014

I think cats should be allowed in new zealand

I think cats should be allowed in New Zealand because half of New Zealand has cats as their family pet.

Firstly cats are mostly harmless because they like pats, scratches and cuddles. They also just want a lot of love. Sometimes they go stray because they don't get the love they want. For example my cat Pearl just sits around mostly on mum and dads bed just waiting for us to get home and come up stairs to give her some loving. Pearl loves scratches.

Secondly it would be unfair to all the cat lovers in New Zealand if the cats had to be taken away and be sent or put down somewhere. Also they are cute and cuddly. Cats kill pests like rats and mice that might kill more native things than cats.

Thirdly cats are cute and they are more likely to be cute and cuddly then stray and bad at playing. Also they are very nice. Cats don't bite as much as dogs do and how many cat attacks have you heard about on TV lately?

That is why I think cats should stay in new zealand.

By Ashton

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