Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A letter with an argument

Government Information Services
Department of Internal Affairs
PO Box 805
Wellington 6140
New Zealand

David Cunliffe on the $20 note
To whom it may concern,

I strongly believe that David Cunliffe should be on the $20 note. He will be a very famous person if he is on the $20 note.

Firstly each dollar note has a famous person on it. The people on the notes are very different to each other. The $5 note has Sir Edmund Hillary because he was known as a very famous adventurer. Kate Sheppard is on the $10 note because she was given the women vote.
And on the $20 note is queen elizabeth. There are more people on the notes.

Secondly none of the people on the dollar notes have been a politician. David cunliffe will be the first person to ever be on the $20 note that is a politician. If this happens maybe more people will vote for him.

Finally if David Cunliffe is on the $20 note he will get more attention from the public. He also will be famous because normally people use expensive notes and the $20 note is one of the $20 note.
Therefore I think David Cunliffe should be on the $20 note. If he is able to go on the $20 note

Thankyou for reading
Yours sincerely

Dylan Kumarasiri

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