Thursday, 7 August 2014

More breakthrough time!

To whom it may concern

I think that we should have more breakthrough time at school. Most of the kids at Stonefields school think that. Breakthrough is cool because kids get to choose what they are passionate about and they learn.

Firstly some people can not wait 144 hours till the next breakthrough and in seconds that is 518400 and in milli seconds that is 51840000 and now you are thinking we need more breakthrough time.

Secondly we enjoy breakthrough because we can choose our breakthrough and lead by learners and we can choose who is in our group. For example at the start of the term we can choose our group and choose how is in our group.

Thirdly we are engaged. Most people are engaged in their learning because they enjoy it and find it fun. Some kids learn best if they are having fun and breakthrough is meant to be fun. For example kids who normally don't get much stuff done get more stuff done.
Therefore we need more breakthrough time because it gives us time to learn about what we want to learn about at school. Everyone loves breakthrough and that is why we should have more breakthrough time.

Yours Sincerely,

William Ashman  

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