Monday, 25 November 2013

Why we should be able to play little alchemy during SSR and When we finished our tumble

We should have little alchemy at school

We should have little alchemy at school because we can learn from it and when we are doing breakthrough because if there is a science group then the science group should get to do it  and also it is so much fun because we get to make things and we learn from them  and we also get to pay around sometimes.

Firstly we can have fun and we can learn from it we can learn how to make things in life which is really cool and when we do not know how to make something in life we can use little alchemy to help us

secondly because we could get smarter then we are now I think little alchemy is a good learning game for hub 4 I think we should get to play little alchemy.

Lastly because this game is fun , exciting ,  educational and it is sometimes stretching because when we try to make some thing sometimes we can’t do it sometimes.

I think that the time we should be able to play little alchemy when we finished the tumble or if you are in the science group or if it is SSR time

Now as you can see and that is obviously that we should be able to play little alchemy.
My parents should buy me a magic set.
I think that my parents should buy me a magic set at Kmart. Firstly i think think that my parents should buy me it because me and my sister have been doing all of our choirs.Secondly because we always look after our things except for my brother Clayton Finally i think that i should get the magic set from Kmart because i have been doing the dishes without complaining about doing my chores.I really think that my parents should buy me a magic set from Kmart that has over three hundred tricks because me and my sister are doing tricks on people.  

this is the one

Dear Miss Campbell
This website is good for learning it  has maths  .But  we need to be self aware .Because there are some that are not learning.

The  website is about maths there  are quiet a lot of games.I choose this because it is about maths.

This is some of the  games that we could play game one,game two,game three.

This website can be use in math and there are other games that can be treats when people finish their learning.

So now  you see why we should heave this website.

Should we have nail polish for our Christmas present

Should we have nail polish for our Christmas present

Dear Mum & Dad

I think I should have a nail polish as my christmas present because I really want one.And it also will look pretty at  friends house or the beach or party.

firstly I think I should have a nail polish set so I can play with it and when I go somewhere I can take it with me.

Secondly I think I should have a nail polish set so when I go to Weddings I can put it on so it is pretty.

lastly I would like one if you put your finger in the nail polish goes on so it  will be pretty and cool and it will also be sparkly too.

It is clear that I want a nail polish set for my Christmas present!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Little Alchemy

Dear Miss C

I think we should be able to play little
alchemy in learning time at school.

My first reason why is because it is  
educational and stretching because you
have to think about which elements to mix.
For example, if you combined Tree + Metal,
In real life that wouldn't create anything, but
If you mixed Bread + Cheese, in real life if
you put Cheese on bread that would actually
make sandwich which it does in little alchemy.

Then, This Game is Free and has no viruses
So it is Perfectly safe and appropriate to use.

Thirdly, if the kids in hub 4 had finished all
their tasks, We could play little alchemy if
we did our learning well, for a special

That is why we should play little alchemy
in learning time.

By Maya

We should be aloud to play Little Alchemy

Little alchemy is a science game which you combine stuff with like fire and earth makes lava.

Firstly, we should be aloud to play little alchemy because sometimes you learn what different stuff make stuff  like water and air makes rain like in real life.

Secondly,  we should because there is some funny stuff too like a jedi and swamp makes yoda.

Finally, we should because you sometimes use Making Meaning because you use tools and knowledge to break codes.

As you can see we should be aloud to play little alchemy.

By Tony

We should be able to play during learning time!

Dear Miss Campbell

In my opinion we should be able to play because it is a very awesome game for maths. We should be able to play it at maths time.

The first reason is that it will be very fun because it has a lot of fun games that the children would like to play.

The Second reason is that it will be stretching because every single game has maths problems and is very good and stretching it will be awesome.

The third reason is it will be exciting because it will be fun and it will be cool for kids because it has cartoon characters and games with maths in it.

That is why I think will be good.

By Aashna

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Should we have tie-dye as part of our school uniform?

I agree because tye-dye is a learning project for technology.
The first reason why I agree is because that it is apart of our learning. The second reason is that tie-dye is really fun. My third reason is that tie-dye doesn’t harm anyone. The fourth reason why I agree is that they have the appropriate school colours. My fifth reason is that it looks fun, cool and awesome to other people. My sixth reason is that we are showing people what we have learnt. My seventh reason is that we are showing people that it is fun to do tie-dye and it also is fun to practise tie dye.
That is why I agree that we should have tie-dye as part of our school uniform.

Thursday, 7 November 2013


                               the best  bull-eye  is my 

It is obvious that my t-shirt is the best . tie dye bull-eye are the best design for summer 

Firstly   my tie dye t shirt is the best because the colors are raspberry,yellow and hot pink, so my is the best in the whole world. 

Secondly the design bull-eye are the best. they era  so cool in the world .

So how my is the best  when you  will see it  you will love it 

Remember my is the best .Never forget that because it has the best colors and the best desingn

My tie dye t-shirt is the best

My tie dye t-shirt is the best in the world because it is colourful tie dye t-shirt it is created by fabric and dye and the different folding methods  .Different types of patterns.The spiral is the coolest of all the patterns .

Firstly the colours that I used were awesome bright and hot colours the colours that I used were raspberry, blue and green.

Secondly my t-shirt is the best because the spiral fits really good on my t-shirt by that I mean it's sits in a really good position on my.

Lastly my t-shirt is the best because it is nice and light to wear in the summer .

As you know my tie dye t-shirt is the best in the world.


Monday, 21 October 2013


On Saturday the 28th of September I went to my sister`s 11th birthday. I had a good morning with my Sister, my two cousins, my Mum, Dad, Brother and my Sister`s friends. We went to go celebrate my sisters birthday at the AMF bowling in Panmure! We got to do bowling and most of my sisters friends were in her team.We got to bowl and then we got to do lazer tag and it was relly cool. Then we watched a video and there was this room where you put suits on and then we played it. It was really fun. After lazer tag we did the arcades and we also got more tokens. Then i went to my mama`s house. That was a relly cool birthday maybe I can go again.

By Pativai


During the holidays I made jewellery with clay. I played with it because it is a little bit fun. I played with it at my house. The first thing I did was to choose a colour to roll. Once I had rolled the clay out into a bracelet shape I start making little beads out of clay. Some of the clay is different. Sometimes I mix the colours together to make cool colours. I am excited because one day I am going to bake them. This is the best time I had.

By Laura 

Moving House

On Friday the 11 of October we were moving house.We were moving house with our friends and families.We were moving to Howard Hunter so we are really close to the old house. We needed to move houses because of the owner form our old house.

So on Friday we moved house. One of our friends helped and his name is Nilo. We got almost everything tidy.

On Saturday it was cool because in the morning we tidyed evrything and then we went to Couple For Christ. It starts at 12 pm and finshes at 11pm but on that day it finshed at 6pm. When it finshed, the people for Couple For Christ helped us move the rest of our things into our house. 

I like my new house. It's really warm.

By Juliana 


In the  holidays I went to Taupo. We went on Wednesday the 9th October. It was about a 3hr trip. I was really excited to get there.

When we arrived at Taupo we checked in. Then we my whole family unpacked and then we went on the trampoline. After lunch we went on the trampoline again and we only had 2 minutes each and we took turns in order and then we watched tv for 30 minutes then finally it was time for dinner. And we went to a place called Lone Star. After we had dinner we went back to our motel. We only stayed in Taupo for one night.

I really want to go back to Taupo again.

By Lara

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Comparing our cultural learning

In Learning Hub 4, Mr Noble's groups have been learning about Japan and Miss Campbell's groups have been learning about China. Today we shared our knowledge with each other. We have learnt that  both China and Japan are very different but there are also many similarities between these two cultures. 

Friday, 30 August 2013

Bee Movie Award Ceremony

Mia, Maya and Natasha from LH4 won the National Beekeepers Association video competition. They girls were presented with $1500 of palmers gardening suplies for the school. Our hub watched the girls receive their award and plant the plants.

Photos taken by Rohan, William and Ashton.
Video created by Ashton.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Miss Campbell's Literacy groups have been writing information reports on China. Here is what some of us have written so far. 

China is Located in eastern Asia. It is the fourth largest country in the world and is filled with 1.3 billion people, which makes it the most populated country in the world. In 2008, Beijing, the capital of China, hosted the Olympic games. In china, the most popular language spoken is mandarin.

Chinese Food
In china, the food is very yummy. In most Chinese meals, rice and noodles are served. When a Chinese family eats a meal, it is usually served as a buffet. A buffet is where there is a big selection of food set out on a table and you can take whatever you want. A common Chinese breakfast is boiled egg soaked in tea. Another popular dish is dumplings. They can be filled with vegetables, seafood and meat. Spring rolls are also a popular food.

Chinese Population
China has the largest population in the world. Since the country has 1.3 billion people, each family is only allowed 1 child. If not, the country would be overloaded and people would get lost!

Chinese Festivals & Celebration
In China, there are a lot of different festivals and celebrations. I wouldn't want to be rude, but of the festivals have some cool and weird names. There is festival called the ''ghost festival''. At Chinese New Year, people go to the Lantern Festival and the New Year Festival. At those festivals, there are heaps of people. The Chinese New Year is very different to ours. Instead of having a big festival, we go outside in the middle of the night and sing... ONE, TWO, THREE, NEW YEAR!

China is a great place to live.

By Maya

Beijing hosted the Olmpic games in 2008. The languages spoken are Chinese and Mandarin. The capital city is Beijing. China is located in East Asia in the Northern hemisphere.

Chinese  Meals

Boiled eggs soaked in tea are eaten for breakfast. Fried rice is very popular in China. Dumplings filled with seafood, meat and vegetables are also popular.

Animals in China

The traditional animal is the giant panda. The total population of Pandas in the world is not well docomented but is estimated at approximately 1,200 panda bears. About 80% are concentrated is Sicwan prouvince with the rest scattrered Gansa and Shanxi prouvinces.

Cities in China
The capital city of China is Beijing. Other cities in China are Hong kong and lots more. Many people go to Beijing to see the Forbidden city.

By Tony

Thursday, 1 August 2013

BMX World Champs

On the twenty seventh of July, me, my brother Harrison, Mum, Dad and our friends Ben and Luke went to the BMX world championships. We went because Harrison and Ben like to do BMX. The BMX course was at the Vector Arena in Auckland city. It was really, really, really big (and that's really big).

When we got there, we had to go to the check in office, were we got tickets to see the show. As we walked in the door, there was a lady that was going to scan our tickets. Then we went through. We showed the other scanner person in the arena our tickets so he could give us a seat. Ben and Luke were there before us so it took quiet a while to find them. Finally, we found them. From our seats we had a great view and Ben and Luke were on the other side so they came to sit with us.

Then we were able to watch the race. First, we saw the junior men and then the elite woman. The dirty track they were racing on had lots on jumps, mountains and at the start the was a ramp the was about 3 meters high. When the racers started, there was a few bumpy hills that made them jump. Even though the woman were elite, the junior men did the BIGGEST jumps. The racer were from all around the globe and some had even been in the olympics! Since we were hungry, Dad went to get some hot chips. They were so yummy we all gobbled them up in seconds. My favourite New Zealand racer is Sarah Walker. She is very clever because she was racing with a broken arm and didn't even fall of!
I had a really fun time and I would like to go again.

By Maya  

My Movie Day and Sleepover

In the holidays on the 26th July I went to the movies and watched Epic. Epic is a animation movie and I really enjoyed it. I went with me,Vicky and Alina. (Alina is Vicky's friend) After Epic me,Vicky and our dad dropped Alina. Then me and Vicky went to one movie night at St Helliers church. At the movie night we watched Brave, Ice age 3 and Ice age 4. I really liked Brave. When we finished watching our midnight movies we went to bed in our sleeping bags. Before we fell asleep we were telling some scary story. That was the best day in my holidays.

By Tony 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Our Earth, Moon and Sun

Hub 4 created videos to explain the interactions between the Earth, Moon and Sun.

In our concept time this term we have been studying the relationships that cause day and night, Earths seasons, the phases of the moon and the orbits around the Sun.

Watch and learn as groups act out, give facts and interesting findings about our solar system.

Enjoy and leave a comment below.

Keanu ,Will , Pativai, Georgia All speak on whats really going on with our planets and star

Space T.V with Carmel, Tony, Vera, Aashna and Sarah. Explain some interesting facts and observations about the Earth, Moon and Sun.

Roquia, Cooper, Luanna, Monet and Juliana answer some questions about the Sun, Earth and Moons orbits.

Molly, Natasha, Emily and Mia. Share the science behind the Earth, Sun and Moon.

Eric, Ethan, Francis, Freddie and Matthew explain some interesting facts and figures about the Earth Moon and Sun.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Maika and Asuka come for a visit after school.

Maika is Mr Noble's daughter she is 1 year 7 months old.
She liked exploring Hub 4 with her mum Asuka.

Her favourite things to do are playing on slides and creative and imaginative play with toys,b books and in the garden.
Maika loves to be around people so this week she is starting at a ECE (kindergarten)

By Maika's dad

Here's Maika and Asuka with Kiyara,             Aashna, Mahalia and Esmae

Monday, 20 May 2013

Learning about the Solar System!

Today we looked at the different distances planets are from the sun. We used a roll of toilet paper to model the distances. 
Mercury is 1 square of toilet paper away from the sun. Pluto is 100 squares of toilet paper away from the sun. Can you remember what planets are in between? 

The start of our model. 
Our model took 100 squares of toilet paper. Wow!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Juliana and Laura Reporting

For Breakthrough we have been Recording Some people for our  Breakthrough. We have been asking people what they like about the school.The people we asked were  Luanna,Eloise,Monet,Roquia And Eric Here is

 Luanna's Recording 

If you click on here you can see Luanna On the interview hope you enjoyed !!

For Breakthrough we have been Recording Some people for our  Breakthrough. We have been asking people what they like about the school. Here is  Eloise Is a girl is And she is a year 5 and she is 9 years old she is From Stonefields school 
We are interviewing  Eloise about Te roe maori.http


If you click on here you can see Elise On the interview hope you enjoyed !!


By :laura and Juliana

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Learning Hub 4

Learning Hub 4

At Stonefields School Hub 4 is one of the new hubs. 

At Stonefields the class can buy netbooks or chromebooks to write on the blog. Gmail is also used for learning. 

Hub 4 is the coolist hub in the school. 

By Brittany 

Nelson Aguirre


Nelson Has a Daughter her name is Juliana. He also has a son. His name is Santiago and he has a wife whose name is Cristina. He is working in the University of Auckland. He is doing a PHD of Health System and he works also in Census New Zealand for 2013. He likes to eat healthy food. He studies love because he loves learning and having fun. On the weekends he like going he likes going to the beach and has some food on Mission Bay. He likes exploring and nature and he loves exploring the world. He loves his family so much! 

By Juliana 

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Breakthrough Begins

Check out this video to see what we've been up to for Breakthrough this week.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hub 4 Singing

Mrs Allen comes every Thursday and this time she brought her guitar for a song or two.

Press here to hear the song "Hole inthe Ground"

Keaunu all so try his hand a strumming and plucking the guitar.

Press here to hear Keanu playing 

Mrs Allen and hub 4 "Ten Guitars"

Press here to hear "Ten Guitars"

Please tell us what you thought of our sing along in the comments below.

Hub 4 learner.