Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Little Alchemy

Dear Miss C

I think we should be able to play little
alchemy in learning time at school.

My first reason why is because it is  
educational and stretching because you
have to think about which elements to mix.
For example, if you combined Tree + Metal,
In real life that wouldn't create anything, but
If you mixed Bread + Cheese, in real life if
you put Cheese on bread that would actually
make sandwich which it does in little alchemy.

Then, This Game is Free and has no viruses
So it is Perfectly safe and appropriate to use.

Thirdly, if the kids in hub 4 had finished all
their tasks, We could play little alchemy if
we did our learning well, for a special

That is why we should play little alchemy
in learning time.

By Maya

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