Tuesday, 29 July 2014

​ Rendezvous Grand hotel

 My holiday at Rendezvous Grand hotel   

In the holidays I went to Rendezvous Grand Hotel, with my parents. I was really excited when we entered the hotel. We got a room in the hotel for free, because my Dad got a gift for working in Rendezvous Grand Hotel for 10 years.

Our room number was 1244 and it was better than I expected. It had 2 tv's and 1 double king bed. The bathroom had 1 TV and a bubble bath.

After relaxing in the bath it was time for dinner. For my Entree I had Garlic bread. It was too cheesy for me so I gave it to my parents. For my Main I had steak and it was yum. Next for desert I had a selection of ice cream. I got mango, chocolate and vanilla. My mum got cream brule. I had a little bit of it as well. My dad had a sticky date pudding and I also had a bit of that. After sleeping I had a wonderful breakfast.

It was the best holiday ever and I wish I could stay there for ever!

Monday, 28 July 2014

Josh's Birthday

On sunday the 20/7/14 I went to Josh's birthday with my tiny brother and my dad. Josh's birthday was at Swimtastic.

When I got there I didn't want to swim, but I fell in and I had to start swimming. The first thing we did was soccer with our handys. Josh's dad Glen had some gloves that made waves so he was the goalkeeper.

Before we were able to get a goal we had to do this obstacle course. We had to run across the pads that were floating on the water and do a stunt of the end. After we played more soccer. Then we had to get out of the pool.


By Elijah

Friday, 25 July 2014

The Art Gallery

On the last Wednesday of our holidays Mia and Lyn picked me up at 10:40am to go to the Auckland Art Gallery. We were going because I missed the school trip to the art gallery.

When we got to the art gallery we went to the children's activity centre, but we didn't really do anything there. Next we went all around the art gallery to look at the different pictures.My favourite pieces of art were

The winter one with a lady holding a baby. The fruit one with a whole lot of grapes and a watermelon.
Next we went to the kangaroo crew. We got to make our masks. Mia made a mask with a swirly design and I made a light orange and pink one.

After the art gallery we went to Lukamoro to get some food I had the beef burger and the we also had a picnic at Albert park. We also had some milk, I had strawberry milk and Mia had chocolate milk.

By Natasha

The mansion with secrets

On saturday we went to a mansion! We went to Alex's house. I went with my family.
I took us 45 min-1 hour to get there. We went there so that our parents could talk to
other parents. There were two other girls not including me and my sister.

We played a lot of games like puffle tennis and hallway creeper. Hallway creeper
is when the security light is on you can not move but when it is off you can move.
The first one down the hallway wins! When we played bowling we realised that
thewalkie talkie was making noises.if you turned it onto v1 then it was like a alien
talking to you. on v2 it was silent. While on v3 their was a sheep talking to you.
Now the creepy part. on v4-v6 there were ghosts talking to you.

Next we took a snack.We ate meringues and some sugar crumbled bread.
Then we made stuff out of loom bands.Then back to the radio thing.We were
creeped out.Them we did Hallway creeper twice.And then a few rounds of
babaldes.Then more Hallway creeper 3 times and beyblades 3 more times too.

By Dasha



Last wednesday I went skiing. I went with my family, mum, dad, Isabelle and my baby sister Noodle (That is just her nick name). We skied at Mt Ruapehu.

First we had to go the the place that you rent your skis,boots and helmets. Once we had our equipment on we got on the chair lift.Me and my sister Isabelle went on the sme one because this one was a two seater.Once we got to the top of this lift we had to go on a   ather chair lift that could carry four people.We went on with my mum( she had a brocken arm).When we got up to the top cafe we took off our skis and went into the cafe. We had planned to meet up with lucas and his parents because they were skiing to.

After we found them Isabelle and the baby stayed with mum and dad lucas and his parents and me went outside to put on our skis. When we had our skis on we skied down to the valley tee bar. We waited in line to take the tee bar up to the top of the valley. When we were up we skied along the side of the mountain to a really hard track. Once we got there we could see that it was sheer ice for the first part of it. We had to slide down on the side of skis. When we finished the first part it was a lot easier because it wasn't as steep and icey.
It took me a little longer than I expected because I had never done it befor. When I got to the bottom we waited in line for the tee bar.

I really enjoyed this holiday because I like seeing the snow. The end    

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Science Immersion Day



At the start of the holidays we boarded an Air New Zealand plane it was nine hours to get from here to Bali  The plane ride was bumpy and felt like it would go on forever. Finally we arrived  in Denpasar Airport we got of the plane all tired and there was still more stuff we had to do.

Me and my mum, dad and sister all queued up to get our visas to get into the country it was a very long wait. To get to the front of the line then after we got our visa we left to get in the car that took us to our hotel called The Western.

That night we had a shower and went to bed the next day we all went down to the breakfast bar and had some food. I got some scrambled eggs then we got our trunks on and me and my dad went for a swim in the ocean.

Going To Warkworth

                         Going To Warkworth
In the school holidays I went to Warkworth. My sisters and my parents went too. It was a long drive. The GPS got us lost but eventually we found our way to Nancy's Garden, which was the place we were staying at.

A lady called Nancy showed us around. After Nancy showed us around we went into town. Me and my sisters rode our bikes. We also looked at some shops.

While my mum was at the supermarket and my sisters rode our bikes on the skateboard ramp. My mum soon came back with dinner.

We ate dinner and had a bath. After I had a bath I brushed my teeth and went to bed.

I enjoyed going to warkworth because I liked the things you can do there.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Prawn Park

Prawn fishing

In the first week of the holidays I went prawn fishing.It was a calm Thursday. Huka prawn park is in Taupo. I went with my mum my dad my sister and me.

First we went on a tour.On the tour we got to feed prawns and learn how to fish.Then we got our rods and bait and started to fish.After a while I caught a prawn.

Then we waited and waited and waited.Then I caught another prawn then my sister caught one then my dad caught one.Me and dad were neck and neck.But then I got my third.

When it was time to stop we had six prawns all together.Then we cooked them then we ate them.At the end of the day we got six in six hours. But it was still fun.

By Ashton

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


In the holidays my dad, mum,and little brother Oli went camping at Ruakaka. My mum and Oli and I went on Thursday and my dad went on friday. We meet our friends there they stayed at the motel.

Then we went to our small house that we are staying at the house has two small bedrooms one living room and one small kitchen we played lots of games we played Cluedo, Maze Challenge and we played with the loom bands.

I had lot's of fun at the camp!

By Luca


During the holidays I went to Bars house. I brang my computer to his house. We were playing minecraft and we had an idea to make a city.

We decided to call it Chocoisraeli. After a while we started building a burger king. It has a real looking machine that fries fries, a working oven, a menu and a vending machine for drinks.

A few days later we started building an AMF bowling. It has bowling shoes, tickets, music and a working mini-game. At the end i was really proud. It looked like a real bowling alley.

On Sunday we started building a hotel. It has a lobby, keys, a cafe, a working elevator and 1 room.

And that's what we've done in Chocoisraeli. I really like it and looking forward to completing it.

By Nadav

How To Train Your Dragon 2

In the holidays I went to watch 'How to train your Dragon 2'with my friend Barr.We went to Event cinemas so we could have fun and watch the movie.

Barr had an Ice - Cream and a drink and I had popcorn and a drink.
I ordered a small popcorn and it was still massive! I couldn't eat all of it!

The movie was really cool, I really enjoyed it. We actually watched it in 3D!
It was epic. Me and Barr kept our 3D glasses. After the movie Barr ate some sushi and we went back to Barr's house.

It was a really cool movie. I can't wait until I do something like that again.

By Bar

My holidays

In the holidays Bar came to my house for a play date. He came a 11:00 AM! I was playing on the computer when Bar came.We played on the computer for a little bit, we played a game called Tanki. I made a Tank (or Profile) for Bar. After we played for half an hour I made Bar my friend on Tanki!
Later we played on the XBox 360 I loaded MC (AKA Minecraft) We made houses and a CASTLE! We battled in all types of ways. It was really fun.
By Rohan