Friday, 25 July 2014

The mansion with secrets

On saturday we went to a mansion! We went to Alex's house. I went with my family.
I took us 45 min-1 hour to get there. We went there so that our parents could talk to
other parents. There were two other girls not including me and my sister.

We played a lot of games like puffle tennis and hallway creeper. Hallway creeper
is when the security light is on you can not move but when it is off you can move.
The first one down the hallway wins! When we played bowling we realised that
thewalkie talkie was making noises.if you turned it onto v1 then it was like a alien
talking to you. on v2 it was silent. While on v3 their was a sheep talking to you.
Now the creepy part. on v4-v6 there were ghosts talking to you.

Next we took a snack.We ate meringues and some sugar crumbled bread.
Then we made stuff out of loom bands.Then back to the radio thing.We were
creeped out.Them we did Hallway creeper twice.And then a few rounds of
babaldes.Then more Hallway creeper 3 times and beyblades 3 more times too.

By Dasha