Friday, 25 July 2014

The Art Gallery

On the last Wednesday of our holidays Mia and Lyn picked me up at 10:40am to go to the Auckland Art Gallery. We were going because I missed the school trip to the art gallery.

When we got to the art gallery we went to the children's activity centre, but we didn't really do anything there. Next we went all around the art gallery to look at the different pictures.My favourite pieces of art were

The winter one with a lady holding a baby. The fruit one with a whole lot of grapes and a watermelon.
Next we went to the kangaroo crew. We got to make our masks. Mia made a mask with a swirly design and I made a light orange and pink one.

After the art gallery we went to Lukamoro to get some food I had the beef burger and the we also had a picnic at Albert park. We also had some milk, I had strawberry milk and Mia had chocolate milk.

By Natasha

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  1. Hi Natasha, I am glad you were able to visit the Art Gallery in the holidays. I enjoyed looking at the photos from the day the hub visited last term and I am making plans to visit again myself. Were you able to find some of the paintings and sculptures that the others had been sharing? Is the Kangaroo Crew a holiday activity or are they at the museum all the time?