Friday, 25 July 2014



Last wednesday I went skiing. I went with my family, mum, dad, Isabelle and my baby sister Noodle (That is just her nick name). We skied at Mt Ruapehu.

First we had to go the the place that you rent your skis,boots and helmets. Once we had our equipment on we got on the chair lift.Me and my sister Isabelle went on the sme one because this one was a two seater.Once we got to the top of this lift we had to go on a   ather chair lift that could carry four people.We went on with my mum( she had a brocken arm).When we got up to the top cafe we took off our skis and went into the cafe. We had planned to meet up with lucas and his parents because they were skiing to.

After we found them Isabelle and the baby stayed with mum and dad lucas and his parents and me went outside to put on our skis. When we had our skis on we skied down to the valley tee bar. We waited in line to take the tee bar up to the top of the valley. When we were up we skied along the side of the mountain to a really hard track. Once we got there we could see that it was sheer ice for the first part of it. We had to slide down on the side of skis. When we finished the first part it was a lot easier because it wasn't as steep and icey.
It took me a little longer than I expected because I had never done it befor. When I got to the bottom we waited in line for the tee bar.

I really enjoyed this holiday because I like seeing the snow. The end    

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