Friday, 25 September 2015

Will the All Blacks win

"The All blacks can’t win the Rugby World Cup twice in a row.That’s impossible it, they do not have enough strength to make it!.” Who said that!!The All blacks made it this far, who said they can’t win again! That person who said that is totally mad.Don’t you think that the All Blacks will win?

Firstly, they have won before in 2011.If they have won before, they know how to win in 2015’s RWC.They know what it takes to win it so that’s how they will win.They also know that it will not be easy so they know to train properly.

Secondly, they have the best people.For example, Richie Mccaw is one of the best rugby players and I hear that he is a very good captain.Most of the players are top ranked and you can search it up if you don’t believe me.

Lastly, they are very determined.They never have given up before and will not rest until they succeed.They have what it take and will obviously win the world cup.

Therefore, I believe the All Blacks will win because of the three reasons.They definitely have strength and courage.Don’t you think so?Support the All blacks now!!!!!!!!!

By Sophie

Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Rugby World Cup 2015

Have you ever wondered if the All Blacks will win the world cup? Well I think they will win because they won the last world cup. But some people might say
“That's IMPOSSIBLE ” but I STRONGLY believe that they will win the rugby world cup

Do you think the All Blacks is the best ?  The All Blacks are the best because they are ranked 1 in rugby. The All blacks has beaten the best teams like the Wallabies and south Africa also they’ve won most of the games that they had played. The All blacks has never given up. I know the All Blacks have what it takes to win the rugby world cup. The All Blacks are the BEST!!!

The All blacks has the best players in the world right? Richie McCaw is Quite fierce when it come to getting the ball back to their team. Brodie retallick won the player of the year nominees. The All Blacks has the best players because none of them has given. The All Blacks are always alert. The All blacks are very determined. Know do you think the All Blacks has the best players ?

Who will you cheer for ? The All Blacks has supporters all over New Zealand. Some of the supporters would watch every game that they have played. In the stadium you could hear the supporter screaming “ The All Blacks will win ” and
“ Go All Blacks you can do it ”.

The All Blacks will win the world cup because of their best players, Supporters and because they are the best. The All Blacks will WIN !!!

By: Shanya . R

All Blacks RWC 2015

“Use your common sense they will never win” Someone says “ No one has ever won the RWC twice before” says another.” this matter is going all around New Zealand is true it will be impossible for the all blacks to win” said the third  “It's ridiculous, just Impossible” says a old man. “ Mark my words they will never win” says his son.But I say proudly “IMPOSSIBLE??? the all blacks are going to win for sure” NEW ZEALAND is going to win the rugby world cup just like last world cup! Don’t you think so?

Well I think everyone knows that the All Blacks are  N.O 1 team. Don’t you think that? and as you all know no one has ever in the rugby world cup won 2 times.But… the all blacks are going to make it come true.If you see the All black have beaten many great teams like the Wallabies, South Africa and just recently Argentina and many more. Many people have such big fans for the `all blacks what else would go wrong.[Hope nothing does]

Look at them, have you seen the such  good players? Dan Carter n.o 10 plays amazingly on the fields ya maybe he can bruise himself sometimes but he never has let his  team down.How about Richie Mccaw n.o 7 team captain of the all blacks. So what matters if he is old he does play great on the Pitch Pitch doesn’t he ? They have good collaboration in that team and it can go way further than 2015.

Throwing Wo-Ssssh Kicking smack tackling aaaahhhh!! These are the things that the all blacks have what do you want more isn’t that right?.They tackle with proudness for being a kiwi. Show that courage that they will win believing in themselves for many other thing like: Tackling as I said earlier, Scoring a goal and throwing the ball etc etc.

The all blacks will win They have might,Confidence and who knows what might they have in themselves.So what are you waiting for Support All Blacks everyone !

By Mahek Dave

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The All Blacks can win the 2015 Rugby World Cup

Kick! Run! Pass! Tackle! Try! Goal! Let's go! Some people think that the All Blacks can’t do it. They think that it is impossible for them to win the Rugby World Cup twice in a row. “Some players are too old to play,” They say, “They are unhealthy,” They say, “It is impossible,” They say. Well I say NONSENSE! I STRONGLY BELIEVE that the All Blacks will win it. I believe that they can do it. If you say that they can’t win it, why?

The one reason that I think they will win it is that we are the best team in the world. We are ranked number one! Perhaps no one has ever won the Rugby World Cup twice in a row, but I think that we can win! We have the healthiest players, I think that they are not too old to play, it IS possible for them to win. Do you think that we are the best team in the world?

I think that we have the best team. Isn’t that right? Our players collaborate amazingly together, passing the ball to each other. Besides we have beaten some amazing teams like, Wallabies, South Africa and more great teams!

If they win this world cup, they can definitely make a big difference! The All Blacks can be the first team to win the Rugby World Cup twice in a row! Amaze and prove to every team and everyone that they can win twice in row. We can even prove to them that they are the best team. Do you think that they will make a big difference?

I believe that they will win the Rugby World Cup twice in a row. I believe in them is because I know that they are the best team in the world. I believe that they can do it, I know they can. Besides we get lots of support especially in New Zealand. One day would you like to play for the All Blacks? Support the All Blacks!

By Valery

Will New Zealand win the Rugby world cup?

Who do you think will win the rugby world cup? Well I think that NZ won’t win because there are much better team’s like Wales, South Africa,Japan and more. New Zealand can’t just win twice in a row. I mean they won it last time they can’t just win it again.

“I think that the All blacks won’t win because not everyone wins twice.” Says Amber. Well I agree Amber because everyone needs a chance and everyone gets a chance in rugby, and they team player’s of the All blacks are getting old now so they are getting slower.

I think that Rugby is a very rough sport so lots of player get hurt. Some player have blood and some get broken bones. Even worse some people die from it like Zane Purcell. I don’t like to play rugby because it is much too dangerous. I don’t want to have to go to hospital and have surgery. When people get hurt they slow down and when the rugby  players get hurt it will slow them down and they will lose.

I think that it is time to give some other teams a turn so that every team that plays gets a turn with the trophy. If other team’s try their hardest they can win the trophy. OH the glory it would be to win the trophy.
I think that the All blacks won’t win. Another county will. Because it is much better only winning once so you don’t get all cocky  and start showing off.  

Will The All Blacks Win The RWC?

Run, Pass, Kick, Try! The crowd cheers with glee! Lots of people think the All Blacks won’t win the World cup because no team has every one it twice in a row - I completely disagree. I believe they have what is take to win. They have won it before, which means there is a big chance of winning it again. Do you think they have what it takes to bring home the RWC , once again?  

The All Blacks have lots of supporters, here in New Zealand and that definitely benefits them. Lots of rugby fans put up flags around their house and put silver ferns on there cars showing support to the ABs. Some people
(especially men) go out to a pub to watch the game with friends. There are lots of ways to support the ABs. How are you supporting them?

They also have some of the best players. People like Richie McCaw are really competitive, and really good at getting the ball down the field to score a try. Dan Carter may get injured a lot, but when he isn’t, he can be a big help to the team. Last year, Brodie Retalick was voted best player out of five other international players. All these players will help the team get lots of tries/goals which will work towards owning the cup.

This awesome team also won the cup in 2011 - So they have a good chance of winning again. The cup is definitely not new to them and they will know what the different teams are like. Most of the other teams that are playing in the RWC will have probably played the AB’s before, and they should be used to playing teams like the wallabies and the springboks.

The All Blacks Must win the cup! It would make history. AND The All Blacks could go around saying ‘We won the RWC Twice in a row!’. That would feel pretty cool. I know we have what is takes to bring home the cup. How about you? Come on All Blacks, You Have To Win!

By Maya Cosford

Friday, 18 September 2015

Certificate Winners

Congratulations to Elijah, Leila, Jack and James who received certificates this morning. Awesome stuff!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Well one week 

until holidays: 

check out what's happening

 in your neighbour hood.


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Sophia's Soccer Achievement

Sophia was awarded 2 player of the year medals for soccer (ESFC)

• Club Team Pink - grade 10 girls, 2015 player of the year

• Rep Team Green - Grade 11 girls, 2015 player of the year (Golden boot medal) 
A wonderful effort, well done! :)

Monday, 14 September 2015

I have an amazing young lady from hub 1 
to introduce to you 
you have all seen her
, but do you really know her?

Here are your clues:

She recieved a medal for

• Club Team Pink - grade 10 girls, 2015 player of the year

Then she recieved the golden boot

Rep Team Green - Grade 11 girls, 2015 player of the year (Golden boot medal) 
They are a year older than her 


Thursday, 10 September 2015


This week for writing, we have been having a go at writing lipograms. A lipogram is a piece of writing that leaves out one or more letters. 

On Wednesday we had a go at writing a description about this picture that omits the letter 'e'. It was a lot tricker than we thought and we all had to think really carefully about what vocabulary we could use. Check out some of the lipograms below!

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 3.32.35 pm.png

Down on the dark bark floor sat a gigantic, wild, sharp toothed black gorilla munching down on bamboo. Soft as a cat, it sat in the grass.
By Keira

A gorilla was calmly munching on a stick of bamboo.
It was as dark as a chip of charcoal and as wild as a lion .
It sat on soft undergrowth, that was growing on the mountain. It had a furry coat.
By Amy

A gigantic gorilla was hanging on a brown bark-covered branch, munching away at bamboo.It’s fur as soft as a cat and as black as midnight.
By Jamie P

Monday, 7 September 2015

Amazing creations

Simply fabulous eye 

catching art pieces 

articulating serious connections 

with many bold statements.

About the world 

we live in 

I hope you have been saving whānau.

Certificate Winners

Congratulations to Brittany, Alan, Charlotte and Serena for being awarded certificates last Friday for amazing effort with their art work. 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Tongan language week

We were very lucky to have MP honorable Mrs Jenny Salesa who is the MP for Manukau.
We are very grateful that she was able to come.
to Hub 1

Malo aupito

A jump into the galaxy?

Compare and contrast.

A little bit of fun at the kapahaka noho.