Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Rugby World Cup 2015

Have you ever wondered if the All Blacks will win the world cup? Well I think they will win because they won the last world cup. But some people might say
“That's IMPOSSIBLE ” but I STRONGLY believe that they will win the rugby world cup

Do you think the All Blacks is the best ?  The All Blacks are the best because they are ranked 1 in rugby. The All blacks has beaten the best teams like the Wallabies and south Africa also they’ve won most of the games that they had played. The All blacks has never given up. I know the All Blacks have what it takes to win the rugby world cup. The All Blacks are the BEST!!!

The All blacks has the best players in the world right? Richie McCaw is Quite fierce when it come to getting the ball back to their team. Brodie retallick won the player of the year nominees. The All Blacks has the best players because none of them has given. The All Blacks are always alert. The All blacks are very determined. Know do you think the All Blacks has the best players ?

Who will you cheer for ? The All Blacks has supporters all over New Zealand. Some of the supporters would watch every game that they have played. In the stadium you could hear the supporter screaming “ The All Blacks will win ” and
“ Go All Blacks you can do it ”.

The All Blacks will win the world cup because of their best players, Supporters and because they are the best. The All Blacks will WIN !!!

By: Shanya . R


  1. Hi,shanya nice writing.Very good it’s awesome i really liked how you said The All Blacks are the BEST!!!

  2. Hi Shanya,
    your story is very good and very persuading and I think they will win as well.
    How do you think the game was?
    I thought it was excellent!

  3. Hi shanya I think that was a great description keep up the great writing, It was very persuasive to me. You were correct they did win. How did you feel about them winning?
    Did you celebrate? - Your Piece of writing was great i really enjoyed it.

  4. Hi Shanya
    I love your description about the all blacks. How did you know that they were going to win?