Thursday, 24 September 2015

All Blacks RWC 2015

“Use your common sense they will never win” Someone says “ No one has ever won the RWC twice before” says another.” this matter is going all around New Zealand is true it will be impossible for the all blacks to win” said the third  “It's ridiculous, just Impossible” says a old man. “ Mark my words they will never win” says his son.But I say proudly “IMPOSSIBLE??? the all blacks are going to win for sure” NEW ZEALAND is going to win the rugby world cup just like last world cup! Don’t you think so?

Well I think everyone knows that the All Blacks are  N.O 1 team. Don’t you think that? and as you all know no one has ever in the rugby world cup won 2 times.But… the all blacks are going to make it come true.If you see the All black have beaten many great teams like the Wallabies, South Africa and just recently Argentina and many more. Many people have such big fans for the `all blacks what else would go wrong.[Hope nothing does]

Look at them, have you seen the such  good players? Dan Carter n.o 10 plays amazingly on the fields ya maybe he can bruise himself sometimes but he never has let his  team down.How about Richie Mccaw n.o 7 team captain of the all blacks. So what matters if he is old he does play great on the Pitch Pitch doesn’t he ? They have good collaboration in that team and it can go way further than 2015.

Throwing Wo-Ssssh Kicking smack tackling aaaahhhh!! These are the things that the all blacks have what do you want more isn’t that right?.They tackle with proudness for being a kiwi. Show that courage that they will win believing in themselves for many other thing like: Tackling as I said earlier, Scoring a goal and throwing the ball etc etc.

The all blacks will win They have might,Confidence and who knows what might they have in themselves.So what are you waiting for Support All Blacks everyone !

By Mahek Dave