Friday, 25 September 2015

Will the All Blacks win

"The All blacks can’t win the Rugby World Cup twice in a row.That’s impossible it, they do not have enough strength to make it!.” Who said that!!The All blacks made it this far, who said they can’t win again! That person who said that is totally mad.Don’t you think that the All Blacks will win?

Firstly, they have won before in 2011.If they have won before, they know how to win in 2015’s RWC.They know what it takes to win it so that’s how they will win.They also know that it will not be easy so they know to train properly.

Secondly, they have the best people.For example, Richie Mccaw is one of the best rugby players and I hear that he is a very good captain.Most of the players are top ranked and you can search it up if you don’t believe me.

Lastly, they are very determined.They never have given up before and will not rest until they succeed.They have what it take and will obviously win the world cup.

Therefore, I believe the All Blacks will win because of the three reasons.They definitely have strength and courage.Don’t you think so?Support the All blacks now!!!!!!!!!

By Sophie


  1. What a good story I want to read more and I do think that the All Blacks can win the RWC.

  2. What a good story I want to read more and I do think that the All Blacks can win the RWC.

  3. nice work I like reading it

  4. Hi Sophie! I definitely agree with what you said about the all blacks winning. You have very good persuasive reasons which I think will make others think that they will win too. I like how you used speech in your hook which will leave people wanting to read more! Next time I think you could maybe make your paragraphs a bit longer. Anyway, it was a great story!
    From Maya : )

  5. Hi. You guys look like great collaborators. In my learning hub I did something like that in term 1 where we had to play games with other people. Did you like practising collaborating?

  6. Hello Sophie, when I read your writing I totally got hooked into it. I think you did very well on the writing. I think that if the All Blacks read it then they will win! Do you think the All Blacks win?

  7. Talofa Sophie, I love your writing based on will the All Blacks win the RWC 2015. I like how you described if they will win. Have you ever seen the All Blacks live? Will you want to meet the All Blacks?