Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lazy Boy - Manaiakalani Film Festival 2014

The idea for the film was originally a joke. I shared it with some of my friends who thought it was really funny. They said it was humorous especially how the lazy boy didn’t get the remote himself and just called his mum all the time. 
So we took this idea and developed the storyline and made it a bit more complex. We included the man in the TV and the different ways the lazy boy  communicated with his mum.

I thought it was fun to be the lazy boy because I got to sit in the chair the whole time. What I found challenging was having to keep a natural face and not smile when saying my lines.
- Bar

I have enjoyed working with my friends and some people that I thought I would never work with. I was having a fun time though, also learning about creating a strong storyboard and interesting camera angles for the Lazy Boy.
- Rohan

I enjoyed having to get all the camera angles right and the challenge of working with people I’m not used to be working with. Next time I think we should take a few of the same shots, even if it’s a good shot, and pick which one is the best.
- Nadav

I learnt that it is very important to listen to others and add to their ideas rather than just my own. Other people have different perspectives, opinions and ideas that can make a group stronger. I also learnt the importance of being patient while being filmed especially when it is a complicated speech.
- Mia


  1. Hi Hub 8,

    My Name is Aaron I go to Point England school. Your Movie was quite funny. I like the way how he knows what to do when his mum says don't text me. How did you get this Idea. Keep up the amazing work.

    From Aaron

  2. Hi Aaron,
    My name is Bar, I was the lazy boy in the chair. That was a good question. Well, originally the idea was a joke I made up at school. When we made the video we actually changed it a bit, because in the joke there wasn't an ending. It just went on forever! Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully next year we will have an opportunity to make another video! :)

  3. Hello year 4/5. Well done on your movie. I'm sometimes lazy but I always have to get up. Hahaha! I wish my siblings did these things for me. Good job..

  4. Hi Hub 8,
    I enjoyed watching the laziness in that boy. I thought it was funny.

  5. Hi Hub 8:)
    I thought that your movie was very exciting and interesting.
    I also like how you guys put in extra effects.
    Keep up the awesome work!
    Sonya @ Saint Pius X Catholic School

  6. Hi hub 8. I enjoyed how you kept doing things that involved your mum in the movie. It was interesting when the news guy said lazy boy, lazy boy, yes ,lazy boy and then you got off your butt and grabbed the tv remote . How did you make the news guy saying in slow motion?

    1. Hey Leon,
      I'm Nadav, one of the people who helped create the film!
      What we did was we filmed a news guy on tv, put it in iMovie and slowed it down. To get the voice we recorded someones voice (I don't remember who's) and then put it in garage band. We then made the voice really deep and that was it!


  7. Wow that was a totally cool and hilarious movie i just loved the the part were he rushed to get the tv remote.

    1. Hi Izzy! I'm Bar (the boy in the chair).
      I'm glad you enjoyed it. At first, when we were recording I wasn't supposed to flip off the chair. When we were recording I accidentally did that! We decided to keep it in the final project because we thought it was funny.

  8. Wow that was splendid! It was really enjoyable and I just wanted to keep watching it.

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  9. Hi Hub 8
    Your video was really cool it was funny. The music really connects with the video, also the different types of ways that you use to get the mom to change the channel for the lazy boy was really creative. But hub 8 I have question how did you find the news clip and make it look like he is saying lazy boy about of all the video on the internet.

  10. Hey there Lazy Boy crew, I am Tony from Hub 5!
    I really liked your video! Even though the plot was so simple it was still really creative. I remember at school when Bar told me the idea. When I heard that you were doing that as your plot I felt really happy because that was probably the most funny plot for a Manaiakalani film ever. I felt like the shots couldn’t have been better. You always had just the right angles when they were needed. I think that I realized that you used a few shots once or twice. But, overall I think that your movie was awesome!

  11. Dear hub 8
    I have watched your movie for the manaiakalani film festival. I thought the idea of a lazy boy asking his mom to go get the control from the table hilarious. I love the way humour didn’t affect anyone because I know that that nice humour is hard to find. I think it is a great movie overall.
    Hear is our blog
    From William hub 5

  12. To Hub 8,
    I watched your movie from the Manaiakalani film festival and I think that it is really funny. It was funny how all you had to do was get the TV remote that was right in front of you but you were so lazy that you had to call your mum to give you the TV remote.
    From Michael

  13. Dear Hub 8
    I really liked your movie and how it was funny and everybody loved it at the cinema. I thought that it was funny, and that it was entertaining But I didn’t really get the point of the movie
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    Kind regards Ashton

  14. hi hub 8 I like how you made the movie.I think it was really funny.I wonder who played the voice of the news man who said"lazy boy lazy boy yes you lazy boy"Next time to shut the door when the mum leavs you can also visit my blog on

  15. Wow! the ends of your blog was scary as but in total really good video it made your blog get more followers and more views and mostly it made you get way more comments keep up the good work and also my name is River Harrison nice to meet you.

  16. wow Bar that clip made me laugh my name is Kohe I go to Ormond school
    I liked the way you explained about trying not to smile while saying your lines
    if you want you can visit my blog at
    see you later

    1. kia ora my name is Ocean I like the way you were acting.