Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Yummy Popcorn! By Danna Lei

Why does Popcorn pop?
Popcorn is a great snack to eat. But what is the science and history of popcorn? This is all about popcorn and how it forms from a seed to an ediable treat.

How it pops?
Popcorn pop’s because of the heat inside it. The popcorn seed is called a Kernel. A kernel has 14% of water inside it. A kernel needs moisture for it to be able to pop.When it gets heated up, the water inside it boils and then it pops!Then after a while, it cools down.

Why it pops?
Popcorn is a fascinating type of food.When you pop the popcorn, it can never be able to pop again. A kernel seed needs water to able to pop,without it, the kernel will stay as a seed.
The kernel is popped because of the undying heat.When the heat goes in the kernel,it slowly boils the water inside the kernel and the boiling water then turns into steam, and it becomes into the odd shape we love.

Facts about popcorn
Did you know that popcorn saved theatres? in the olden days people used popcorn for everything, and do you know that a popcorn stall\stand could be your job for a living in the popular year of popcorn.Also, Charles Cretors made the first popcorn machine in the 1800’s. Did you also  know that popcorn is part of the oldest food who have lived through all these centuries? You also need a specific type of corn to make popcorn.The corn you will need is called, Zea mays.

I hope you have learnt many true facts about popcorn and how popcorn was scientifically formed.I hope that you keep on eating popcorn!

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