Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Will New Zealand win the Rugby world cup?

Who do you think will win the rugby world cup? Well I think that NZ won’t win because there are much better team’s like Wales, South Africa,Japan and more. New Zealand can’t just win twice in a row. I mean they won it last time they can’t just win it again.

“I think that the All blacks won’t win because not everyone wins twice.” Says Amber. Well I agree Amber because everyone needs a chance and everyone gets a chance in rugby, and they team player’s of the All blacks are getting old now so they are getting slower.

I think that Rugby is a very rough sport so lots of player get hurt. Some player have blood and some get broken bones. Even worse some people die from it like Zane Purcell. I don’t like to play rugby because it is much too dangerous. I don’t want to have to go to hospital and have surgery. When people get hurt they slow down and when the rugby  players get hurt it will slow them down and they will lose.

I think that it is time to give some other teams a turn so that every team that plays gets a turn with the trophy. If other team’s try their hardest they can win the trophy. OH the glory it would be to win the trophy.
I think that the All blacks won’t win. Another county will. Because it is much better only winning once so you don’t get all cocky  and start showing off.  


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  2. I think that the wallabies are going to win!!

  3. All blacks won the world Cup!!!!

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  5. Hello
    Why do you think that??? They won the world cup fair and square and they have younger players now

  6. Hub 1 I think the all blacks will win the cup so let's see who will win!

  7. Kia ora I like your writing about the all blacks!!!
    They won you were right!
    Do you want to be an all black?