Friday, 20 June 2014

The Pirate ship

KABOOM! The thunder and lightning was crashing, skimming the humungous ship. The boat was as dirty as muddy feet. The sails blowing in the brisk breeze. Dead bodies lay, very still.

It smelt of old rum, as old as your great, great, great Grandad. Even the dirt can't overtake it. It stank.

The rain was as soft as a teddy bear. The wind, blowing, as cold as Antarctica.When you step on deck it seems you're about to fall in.

The wind was howling like a werewolf at the end of a full moon. Waves crashing against the ship.

It's SCARY. Frightening. You would flinch if you were there.

By Nadav


  1. Hello Nadav,
    I enjoyed reading your description about the Pirate Ship. It had some really cool similes, and metaphors, and also some personification. I think it was really interesting. It reminded me of when I went on a fairy ship, it was really fun.

  2. Hi Nadav,
    I like your description about the sailing ship I think it is AMAZING!!!
    the way that you described the ship was scary it reminds me of a horror movie! I have been on a boat before but it was not that scary as you described!

  3. Hi Nadav

    Great writing! I enjoyed your description about the ship. My favourite part was the part when you described the boat was as dirty as muddy feet. I also liked your similes like, It smelt of old rum, as old as your great, great, great Grandad. Even the dirt can't overtake it, It stank!

  4. Hi Nadav

    I really like about the pirate ship.And how you use very good vocabulary in it and i like your writing and like how you used sentence structure.

  5. I really liked your description because you used a lot of describing words and I could Imagine I was there

  6. Hi Nadav

    I really liked your Applying under standing for your what you are reading know.

  7. Hi nadav
    I realy likeyour description because U used alot of describing words.
    I could almost imagine I was there.I was amazing