Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Learner Led Conferences


  1. Nelson Aguirre and Cristina Mendoza25 June 2014 at 15:37

    Juliana, Mum and Dad
    are so proud of you. We are impressed with your successful journey and the learning process.Also to see how you reflect about the things you need to improve and you great ability to make a plan for the next two terms.Well done and good luck!

  2. My conference went really well my parents loved all my work it went well.

  3. learner led conference was epic I really enjoyed it because we got to share all about out learning and have fun.
    I think that next time we should have more stations for can do's and must do's

  4. I enjoyed showing my parents my learning. They enjoyed seeing my learning too. My parents liked the story I read to them and how I read it. They didn't want coffee or tea so I didn't give them anything. They liked my report too.

  5. Cooooooool the learner led conference was so fun! I learnt lots about the goals that I am working on.
    I also had lots of fun and learning from it.

    This is actually Mia but I am on Dasha's computer.

  6. Hey Miss Morris,
    I think personally that this was a really good idea to post a llc on the lh8 blog and not only the real one but also the practice with lh1.

  7. My parents liked my work we talked with my english teacher then I showed my parents my learning joureny in concept.I also showed them my concept.