Monday, 23 June 2014


Rainbows End

The screaming of kids running everywhere.
Rides big and exciting that can carry lots
of people. People of all ages running like rugby players to get to the front of the line. I see people dressed as characters from popular movies and cartoons. Laughing loudly as they get tipped upside down on the roller coaster.

I could smell the cookies and cream from near ice creams being licked by kids and their parents. The hot chip smell floated up my nose and made me hungry.  Stinky smelly smoke filled my lungs from the motors that run the thrilling rides.

The poles that hold the people waiting and the rides feel like they are about to peel off and it feels like it is just an old piece of paint. The seats feel like a hard rock that has been washed against the shore many times to make them smooth and soft.

I could hear lots of people shouting on the rides and it was loud because people were having an awesome time. People shouting to try and find their kids. It was full like a football game with people shouting loud like a big bomb going off.

It feels like the people are about to fall off the  tracks. People feel scared and nervous because the rides go into a loop and see never ending.

By Lanesa


  1. I liked the way you used colour at the beginning.When did you go there?

  2. I liked your story Lanesa. I liked the detail in your work.
    Good job.

    From Maya and Thajay

  3. Hei Lanesa,
    Awesome story you wrote baby gal. I love how you described the loud noise from the people on those rides. Keep it up and make more story as you are so good at it.
    from Mum