Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Brodie Description

I can see sweaty men playing cricket in the hot sun. I saw someone bowl the ball I thought he would get him out but instead the guy batting hit a six he nearly got caught by the fielder, the guy in the crowd caught it.

I can smell sweaty mean and hot chips. The hot chips smell nice, the sweaty men don't smell nice. I could smell hot dogs too as soon as I smelt them I went straight to get one they were really tasty.

I can feel hard chairs warm hot dogs salty chips. I can feel the sun on my neck I can feel the determination in the players head.

I can hear yelling and screaming annoying whistles and loud sirens. I can hear the ball getting hit by the batter I can hear the ball bouncing after he hit it.

I felt determined for my team to win.

By Brodie


  1. I could really picture your story, sounds, smells, tastes and sight.
    Are you a cricket fan?
    Good job.

  2. Hi Brodie

    I really like how you explained the night and your seances.

    but the picture of Eden park is in the rugby game not a cricket game