Thursday, 19 June 2014

Eden Park - By Luca

Eden park

It was a cold night in Auckland city and lots of cars, big, small, blue and red. People sprinting to the gates yanking their tickets out of their pockets showing the men that take your tickets.

Running to the food stands to get some hot fries and cold coca cola then go running up the steps and trying to find their seats before kick off. The game has stated. Then I smell all the food being opened, the fries and coca cola smell being unleashed

My ears are blocked by sound of all the cheering and the referee blowing his whistle. My heart is beating really fast with excitement just like cheetah about to pounce on his prey.  
The seats are as hard as rocks and the players are sweating so much you could see it from the highest seats in the stadium.

I felt happy it was full time because the All blacks won and as sleepy as a sloth because by the time we get home it was after 11pm.

By Luca V

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  1. Hi Luca,
    I really enjoyed reading your post especially the detailed descriptions of Eden Park and the game. It felt like we were actually there. It reminded me of the times I have been at Eden Park for test matches. The last game was very exciting, it was a cold night and we could see the steam rising off the players as they ran around the field. I am looking forward to the next game in August against the Australian team. I feel confident we will win the Bledisloe Cup.