Thursday, 19 June 2014

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Eden Park
People are cheering loudly. They are excited and want to know what team is going to win. It is soon going to be half time. People cheer as the All Blacks score a try. It is half time now. The All Blacks are winning.

Half time is over the players are tired from all the running they did. I smell the chips which a person dropped next to me. I can also smell the hotdogs. The players are sweating and I smell their sweat.

When I touched the grass it felt wet and smooth. The chips that I am eating as I watch the game feel bumpy. The ground has very small bumps on it. The players on the field look very sweaty.        

People cheer as the game finishes. The All Blacks win. I hear people crunching on their chips. The people in the stadium are cheering even louder than they were before, I feel tired because I have been sitting down eighty minutes. The blustery wind is blowing on me. I feel happy because the All Blacks won. I enjoyed watching the All Blacks play.

By Thomas

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  1. Hi Thomas
    That must have been great to be at the rugby game. Any way what team did the Alblacks vs?