Tuesday, 29 July 2014

​ Rendezvous Grand hotel

 My holiday at Rendezvous Grand hotel   

In the holidays I went to Rendezvous Grand Hotel, with my parents. I was really excited when we entered the hotel. We got a room in the hotel for free, because my Dad got a gift for working in Rendezvous Grand Hotel for 10 years.

Our room number was 1244 and it was better than I expected. It had 2 tv's and 1 double king bed. The bathroom had 1 TV and a bubble bath.

After relaxing in the bath it was time for dinner. For my Entree I had Garlic bread. It was too cheesy for me so I gave it to my parents. For my Main I had steak and it was yum. Next for desert I had a selection of ice cream. I got mango, chocolate and vanilla. My mum got cream brule. I had a little bit of it as well. My dad had a sticky date pudding and I also had a bit of that. After sleeping I had a wonderful breakfast.

It was the best holiday ever and I wish I could stay there for ever!

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