Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Prawn Park

Prawn fishing

In the first week of the holidays I went prawn fishing.It was a calm Thursday. Huka prawn park is in Taupo. I went with my mum my dad my sister and me.

First we went on a tour.On the tour we got to feed prawns and learn how to fish.Then we got our rods and bait and started to fish.After a while I caught a prawn.

Then we waited and waited and waited.Then I caught another prawn then my sister caught one then my dad caught one.Me and dad were neck and neck.But then I got my third.

When it was time to stop we had six prawns all together.Then we cooked them then we ate them.At the end of the day we got six in six hours. But it was still fun.

By Ashton

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