Sunday, 16 June 2013

Our Earth, Moon and Sun

Hub 4 created videos to explain the interactions between the Earth, Moon and Sun.

In our concept time this term we have been studying the relationships that cause day and night, Earths seasons, the phases of the moon and the orbits around the Sun.

Watch and learn as groups act out, give facts and interesting findings about our solar system.

Enjoy and leave a comment below.

Keanu ,Will , Pativai, Georgia All speak on whats really going on with our planets and star

Space T.V with Carmel, Tony, Vera, Aashna and Sarah. Explain some interesting facts and observations about the Earth, Moon and Sun.

Roquia, Cooper, Luanna, Monet and Juliana answer some questions about the Sun, Earth and Moons orbits.

Molly, Natasha, Emily and Mia. Share the science behind the Earth, Sun and Moon.

Eric, Ethan, Francis, Freddie and Matthew explain some interesting facts and figures about the Earth Moon and Sun.


  1. These videos are fantastic Hub 4. They really show you understand the concepts we have been learning about our solar system.

  2. I like Pativias group because you's had alot of facts about the the solarsytem, like how we are going to star drome, i think there going to teach us that stuff.But i like all the facts about the sun, earth and moon.