Monday, 10 June 2013

Maika and Asuka come for a visit after school.

Maika is Mr Noble's daughter she is 1 year 7 months old.
She liked exploring Hub 4 with her mum Asuka.

Her favourite things to do are playing on slides and creative and imaginative play with toys,b books and in the garden.
Maika loves to be around people so this week she is starting at a ECE (kindergarten)

By Maika's dad

Here's Maika and Asuka with Kiyara,             Aashna, Mahalia and Esmae


  1. Nice baby Mr noble she is pretty and cute!!!!

  2. And your wife looks nice and pretty!!!

  3. Your dauter is buetiful and so cute.I like your wife, she looks nice and buetiful, just like your dauter.

  4. Hi Mr noble and Mrs noble i love how your daughter is so cute and adorable i hope she can come to school one day like Friday Maika is so CUTE!!!!!!