Tuesday, 5 August 2014

How to get away from a cat if you're a mouse

Say you're a mouse being chased by a cat. What would you do?
Here are some really good ways to get away

Firstly, Cats don’t like smelly things so run out through the cat flap and jump into the rubbish bin. Get smelly and get out and walk up to the cat, if the cat still wants to eat you get a banana peel and stuff it in its mouth then run away.

Secondly, cats normally get tired when they're chasing a mouse like you so just be sure before you get into trouble put some dishwashing liquid in the milk and then if the cat start chasing you run round in circles until the cat is tired and dizzy. Wait until the cat drinks its milk. If it doesn't faint like its supposed to run into your mouse hole. It will not follow you because it does not know where you are.

Thirdly, cats don't like being annoyed.The following will tell you what not to do. Run around in circles more than 59 times, climbing really high trees, go into your mouse hole for more than 5 days and drink the milk in the cats bowl. Make sure you do not do these things when a cat is around.

Last but not least is cats love their claws.The moment there gone a cat will faint. When the cat is asleep cut off its claws and then tickle its tummy until it wakes up.Then the cat will wonder off to a mirror and check its claws.When it finds out that its claws are gone it will fall onto the floor

So these are some ways to get away from a cat. Good luck, you'll need it!

By Kiyara

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