Thursday, 7 August 2014

We need more breakthrough time

I think we should have more breakthrough time because we all love it. Imagine a school without BREAKTHROUGH! Also all students in Stonefields school might love breakthrough. So listed below are my  3 reason of why we need more breakthrough.

Firstly I think we have a little to less breakthrough time. Firstly if we have an appropriate breakthrough it will last a long time and hard to complete. Also we have to wait 144 hours till the next breakthrough (thats a long time) And you have to wait 518400 seconds imagine that!

Secondly TONS of people think we need more time. E.G When we are REALLY engaged in our learning then..... its feed and read or lunch and then NO! SO yeah thats another reason. I think we need at least a bit more time hopefully your now a bit more persuaded (just hopefully!)

Lastly we WILL collaborate really well on most breakthrough projects, E.G for my breakthrough in term 1 TTC video games (the website) was really good because no one was off task! So yeah another reason, I think we need more time also because last term we did animation and we did a not have enough time!

Breakthrough give us a chance to sharpen our strengths. We all collaborate well if it is a good breakthrough (which most of them are)  We all love breakthrough so that's why I think we need more breakthrough! So do you think we need more breakthrough? (P.S PLEASE SAY YES)                

By Rohan


  1. You have well reasoned ideas about why you need more breakthrough time. I find it frustrating when I don't have enough time to complete a project. I think you should have more breakthrough as well.

  2. What wonderful reasons you have written for why you need more Breakthrough time. Your argument about not having enough time to finish something special is very compelling! As I write this I am wondering what your next strength will be that you focus on to 'sharpen?'

  3. Hi Rohan, you list some very convincing arguments to gain more breakthrough time. I like the way you have referred back to what you have previously done in your breakthrough time as a way to show you can use your time wisely. Good luck with your champaign .

  4. Kia ora Rohan

    Wow, 'Breakthrough' sounds like loads of fun and I would probably spend most of my breakthrough time creating artworks of sorts.

    You have almost persuaded me that you need more time but I just need a little more information. How long do you currently spend on Breakthrough and how often?

    Nga Mihi :)

  5. Hi Ms Tito

    Thanks so much for your feedback! We have Breakthrough every Friday and sometimes even Thursday. (We have it for a whole day, but I really enjoy it)