Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Mt Wellington hike By Mia

On Wednesday the 19 of March 2014 , Hub 8 went on a hike up Mt Wellington. We did it so that we could continue our concept (success) and to be successful in hiking to the summit and back while learning about the history of the mountain/volcano. We learn't that Mr Marsh’s tribe was attacked. I felt that I made a connection between Mt Wellington and One Tree Hill which was that the views were very similar and both could see Rangitoto very well.


  1. Hi Mia, wow great photo! Yes the views from up top are magnificent. Do you remember how high the volcano is at the trig station?
    134M hehe ;/
    By Mr Noble (He was typing on Emily's computer)

  2. Wow Mia!

    I really like your story about the walk up mt wellington.

    Next time you could maybe use the 5 w's

    What you did well was your discretion about the hike

  3. Good job Mia! I liked how you told them what our concept was. I remember when I went up Mt Wellington with my parents. We looked down at the amazing view. Anyway good job!