Monday, 24 March 2014

The feeling of success! By Rohan

On the 19.3.14 we went up Mt Wellington! It was awesome (Hub 8 did it by the way) when we walked up I felt successful. I looked back and saw everything, it looked so tiny! Our focus is success!!! We walked around the crater. We got to the peak Mr marsh told us a story about his tribe. The story was about the chief of the tribe who went up the Mt to get food, the people up there was beating him up then he told his tribe. His tribe took revenge most of the tribe got killed and the people up there . We played games and learnt things then it was time to go. MT WELLINGTON IS SO COOL!


  1. WOW Rohan.

    I really like your story about the mt wellington hike.

    When I write I find the 5 W's really helpful.

    What was your favorite part of the trip?

    1. Thanks Ashton! My favourite part of the trip was when we played capture the flag!