Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Up Mt Wellington By Bar

On Wednesday the 19th of March LH8 climbed to the top of Mt Wellington. We walked on the road to the top, because on the grass it was too steep. We had to go in single file because if a car it would be harder to hit one of us. When we got to the top we ate some lunch. After that we did some cool activities. One of them was when we sat on Mt Wellington and drew all the other volcanoes that we could see. Another was that we drew with pastels some of the views we could see. The last one was capture the flag, it was fun. Then we got to eat some ice blocks and we went down. We did some reflecting about what we did at the top. Everyone was tired but it was really fun.


  1. WOW!! bar really like your story.Next time you could maybe use the five w when, where, why,what and who.

    But I like how you put some detail in the story.

  2. Hi Bar great writing about Mt Wellington. I remember we played a great game of capture the flag. What did you enjoy and why?