Thursday, 18 September 2014

Endangered Tigers by Jessie

Far, far away in the heart of the jungle, Tiger 1 drinks slowly. Tiger 2 says                                                                     
"Hey can I have some water" I don't care" said the other tiger. who was more interested in drinking as much as he could. The two tigers were sipping the water closely together.

"What are we going to do about this?" "I don't know" . We should kill the humans,if they stand in our way. This country wasn't always like this it use to be a big territory but now the humus are cutting down all the trees, bushes, and grass."How can we live like this"?
Wait I remember something when I was a little cub my family and me lived
in a awesome place called shady high. "Lets go there! But won't the humans capture us? and what about my leg"?
We have to do it! Do you wanna die or live? "Live". Then we go "yeah". Here we go!
We headed out at night because lots of humans sleep really early at night so they hid in a bin tippy toes as they go. The lights went out the tiger "said who turned out the lights"? "I don't know" " Who said that"? Me. A human is coming.
Lets get out of here so there ran away as quick as lighting. The human was lost in the dark city, but the tigers could see. They were almost there but they were so tired that they had a rest. The next day they woke up and went to shady high.       

"Yeah we made it". "Now we can live our live peacefully."We got everything we need water ,food ,playtime ,and pease. "Thanks for helping me no problems, hope we will be safe here for a long time". "Me too"

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