Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Tiger - by William

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They are licking the water in the oasis and then a tiger creeps through the bush, he growls and then he said "sorry I just need a drink of water from the watering hole".

they can't hunt because there's almost no deer but if the attack the cows the farmer will try to kill me.
"If they catch me they will put me in a zoo or a cage he says"
"I can hear big trucks coming our way now
I smell the pollution they want a bigger city or farm we have to retreat with our family so we don't die and we will need to get to another forest fast we might find some more watering holes and food".
One year later the trucks came and destroyed the forest. So a farmer came to close and the tiger jumped at him and the farmer shot him and wounded the tiger, then the farmer called the zoo and they dragged the tigers away to a zoo paradise their was so many water holes and food to eat.

They where happy because it was better then dieing in the jungle and there was much more food to feast on.

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