Thursday, 18 September 2014

Habitat Destruction by Sophie

Rendered Image

The tiger is lapping at the water, not caring about the humans in the background, even he's scared.

Then he smells it.The smell of danger and habitat destruction.He never thought he would charge at the humans but now he might have to.If it gets any worse.

His family was lost, just because of the humans and he was all alone.

The jungle was getting smaller and smaller because the men were cutting down trees so the tigers were in trouble.They either got killed by humans or put into zoos.

The tiger thought "Should I move to another tigers territory?"Then he realized the other wouldn't want him but it was worth a try.
So he found a place to stay but soon the forest started getting smaller and smaller because the men came with their dogs and cut down trees.

Soon he finally went to a place stay and soon he started to have a conversation with another tiger:

Tiger 1 "Can I stay here?"

Tiger 2 "Why?"

Tiger 1 "Because the humans are destroying the land and I've got nowhere to live !''

Tiger 2 "That's awful. Maybe we should gather other tigers and seek revenge on the humans."

Tiger 1 "OK.''

So they gathered other tigers and they did fight the humans but many tigers got killed.

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