Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Two tigers and a dangered forest by Curie

Two tigers and a endangered forest

There was a forest that started getting smaller, people were cutting down trees and destroying plants and animals.

One tiger was walking down to a little pond he sat down rested and drank the water from the pond, then the second tiger came crawling near the pond and the first tiger started getting angry and said "hey this is my pond go away I don't like you". The second tiger said "But from now on you have to share this pond or otherwise I will die! Because I won't have any food to eat and won't have any water to drink. Because of the human threat to our Jungle.

The first tiger started thinking about what the second tiger just said the he said "you can drink the water from the pond as long as you share it with me okay and they agreed.

Weeks past and the area got smaller and the tigers got a tiny area to hunt in and less food to eat.

They started to walk around the forest and hunt for food but all they found was cut down trees and broken plants.

When they saw all the plants cut down or broken they soon knew that they would die and left the forest for ever.

Later on they came to a desert which was so hot that they died on the journey to a new jungle that they never found.

By Curie Choi

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