Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I love cats!

Should cats get executed? No way! What would it be like if there were no cats in the world? I strongly believe that cats should remain in New Zealand and for people to have them in their homes.

Firstly, cats are peaceful animals for us. They are always quiet in the house and they never want to go and play outside. Cats just like to sit on your lap and watch T.V.

Secondly, cats are very cute because they always look at you with their big, fat, round eyes. They have a lot of fur that is very fluffy that also makes people fall in love with them.

Finally, some cats like to have nice quiet time with their owner/s and they love to hug them and roll all over them. Cats love to keep their owner/s nice and warm at night by snuggling up to them.

Therefore cats should not get executed from New Zealand because they are cute, fluffy, and peaceful. Could you imagine the world without cats?

Written By Sophia Rose Lafaialii


  1. A convincing argument Sophia, you give great supporting evidence for the reasons why cats shouldn't be executed. Well structured too.

  2. Thank you Miss Martin for the comment :)