Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Two Tigers and a Watering hole by Valery

Two Tigers and a Waterhole

There was two tigers having a conversation about a pond, because the forest was getting smaller and smaller from people cutting down trees. So the tigers have nowhere to go or to hunt. There was nothing to eat.

Tiger 1 said" Hey, that's my pond you have to go somewhere else to drink." Tiger 1 keeps roaring at Tiger 2. Until Tiger 2 said something.

Tiger 2 said " I don't care I've got nowhere to go, and the forest is getting smaller and smaller. This is the only place where I can go and drink." Tiger 2 just continue drinking.

Before all this happened, everything was going well the tigers had their own habitat to hunt and live. There was big animals like deer and wild boar. Who were also free tigers could hunt them.

But now everything was going bad, because people are building a city with space for farmers to grow plants and people cutting down trees and the tigers have nowhere to go. All the` tigers prey items have nowhere to live so the tigers can't hunt anything anymore. the tigers have to share a pond and a habitat together.

In the end the tigers died, because the people were cutting down trees and building lots of houses and farmlands. They're forced out from their habitat because the humans don't want them there.

By Valery Chao

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