Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Danger By Vera


Our Home has been destroyed by humans, that might develop homes, buildings, farms and more. The Tigers are thirsty and are starving to death.

Finally they found a little pond of water. The tigers are disgusted how they can get out of the dangerous situation they were starting to plan an escape plan from the danger.

Before they had a huge rain forest,and lot of water and food but now they only can find a small pond of water and each time they drink a sip it becomes smaller & smaller.

Before the animals was very happy and lived really peacefully.Until the humans came and started to cut down trees , and breaking our habitat.Soon it wasn't a peaceful, happy rain forest in fact it turned into a dry and plain land.that are going to build farms, houses and cities.

What are the tigers going to do? Then one of the tiger got an idea "maybe we should run away so the hunters don't kill us." The other tiger replied "that's a great idea".

But when they went out they all got killed and then the rain forest is full of farms, houses and city. There were millions of people in the land having fun.  

By Vera

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