Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The watering hole of the mighty tigers

  The watering hole of the mighty tigers

One time in the deep dark watering hole two mighty tigers laid there drinking water. Tiger 1 who Joined the other roared as loud as he could.

They were in a city called Mumbai, India there wasn’t much water that they could drink to survive. They were thinking what would happen if somebody caught them?

Because they had heard all the machines working and the men calling in the distance. They would get killed some people will want to take their skins and make medicine out of it but that’s what tiger 1 thought.

To the tigers it sounded like the humans were always fighting each other, They could not hear anything but only the people trading money and laughing, shouting and the strange smells of their cooking.
The animals had their own problems now caused by the humans, now they were too busy fighting over food and space to live.

The Indian town was quite one day they were still drinking the water from the water hole. It was not deep anymore it was almost empty and would not last any longer unless they found more water. Their habitats are being destroyed and there little water hole was way too little and becoming muddy brown.
Many animals around them wanting water too. There were baby tigers frogs and chimps and all kinds of jungle animals gathered round. There were  these dry things out on the dessert part of India  and there was also dry grass all along the dessert the habitat had become dry.

All of a sudden Tiger 1 and Tiger 2 had, had enough of staying here, so when it hit dawn the tigers left the water hole in a rush. Their feet brang up heaps of dust finally reaching another part of asia that had better jungle and forests for them to live in. Thats where they had been thinking of going and they found this really nice place in the wild with heaps of space and water and food and then they started their life in asia and they lived there forever.

                                   By Lara Holmes

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