Monday, 1 September 2014


I strongly believe that there should be no cats in New Zealand. Here are my reasons why they should be banned from New Zealand forever.

Firstly, I believe that cats are stupid and murder birds everywhere. It starts off when you get your fluffy cat. It is so cute and cuddly for the next few days. Then it brings in its first dead bird and is very proud of itself, you on the other hand scream  and are  very angry and chuck the murderer outside. That night he never comes back you get worried this can put pressure on you. That night he meows very loudly with the other cats.

Secondly they are stupid and not smart. I have a dog so you see  why I do not like cats. A cat lives across the road from  us and he hops onto the fence and tempts fate with my dog. This ends up with neighbours getting very grumpy because of the barking, the cat also tries to sneak into our house. Once we had a cat who just sat around and did poops everywhere. This was annoying, he never came outside just sat inside each day.  He also popped inside because he was too lazy to go outside.

Finally cats  can be very naughty when it comes to behaviour. They can look at mirrors and touch them ,they might fall over and break things. They can jump around and knock over pots and pieces.  Cats can also be wild and stalk you, this might be very frightening and could scare young children . Also cats can carry rabies this is a deadly disease that can be caught from an animal bite, cats are one of the animals.  

In conclusion I say we should ban all cats from New Zealand as they can be violent and naughty. New Zealand is the best cat lovers in the world so this might cause riots in the campaign in trying to get rid of all cats.

By Freddie Clarke - Watson

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  1. I think that you should not take cats away from the people that own them because lots of people love them and they would be unhappy that they are going to be taken away