Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Forest by Serena Zhang

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In the natural forest there are a lot of animals, and space but the environment is being changed by people destroying the habitat.

The water hole
The watering hole has become a bad part of the habitat now, but they the animals gathered by a water hole to drink.
Before the humans started destroying their habitat the water was clean and good to drink.

No more water
A few days later all the animals were squished around the shrinking bush.Tigers were fighting for water. The first tiger says “go away this is my area”! But the second tiger replied “no this is my area you need to leave”!

  Two tigers
The first tiger said to the second tiger “let’s have a race to the end and back to the water hole. They realised there was less trees because the humans have been cutting down the trees “we must travel to a new forest”! said the first tiger. They began to leave.

 The journey
They finally started the journey first they searched for a forest for one day and they found one far away from the old one. They started running towards the new forest. They ran so fast that people thought it was a tornado in the dust.
The new forest
At last they arrived there and stayed there for the rest of the time and no humans came for now.

By Serena Zhang

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